The Forevers launch signing with guest Curt Pires!


Wednesday September 14th Alpha Comics welcomes back Curt Pires!

(W) Curt Pires (A) Eric Pfeiffer (CA) Eric Pfeiffer, Ramon Villalobos
Live fast. Live forever. Five friends struggling on the brink of stardom sacrifice everything in a black magic pact that brings them all the wealth and glamour they ever wanted. Years later though, the “glow” is fading. But when one of them dies, and they feel a surge of magic rise amongst them, they soon realize that they all share in the power of the glow. And when a member of the group decides to kill the rest and claim the glow for their own, they suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives. As they search for the killer’s identity, each of The Forevers must face the macabre reality of the lengths to which some people will go to be adored, and to make certain that the spotlight never fades…

Aaron Navrady Signing, August 24th


Wednesday, August 24th from 11 PM – 6 PM. Alpha Comics will be hosting Aaron Navrady. Stop by to say hi and pick up The Cold Fire.



Septembryo Comic Signing at Alpha Comics Saturday, July 23



Saturday, July 23 from 12 PM – 5 PM. Alpha Comics will be hosting Micheal Hill, Roberto Duque, and Gabe Wong. Be sure to stop by to say hi and pick up Septembryo, the graphic novel.

Before the signing, here’s an interview with Micheal Hill and Roberto Duque at GNN.


Free Comic Book Day 2016!

Archive: FCBD 2015

Archive: FCBD 2015

Save the date! Saturday, May 7th 9am – 5pm, Alpha Comics will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is a single day – the first Saturday in May each year – when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores. Every comic shop has their own rules and selection may vary. This year FCBD is May 7th. At Alpha Comics you will be able to receive any four comics from the FCBD selection absolutely FREE, no purchase necessary. See below for all the comics that will be available for FCBD while supplies last. Alpha Comics will be open early on FCBD at 9am. Arrive early as stock is limited.

First 45 People in Line for FCBD Get a FREE Grab Bag of MORE FREE Comics!

Free Comic Book Day is already “Christmas for comic fans” but lets make the day even better.
The first 45 people lined up will receive a ticket. At the counter turn in your ticket for a free grab bag.
What inside the grab bag? Six free comics pre-selected from our inventory, and a rare variant edition comic.*

Check out this year’s selection of FCBD comics. Quantities are limited:

FCBD_2016 Cover Final Final.indd STK697832_TN STK698017_TN Layout 1 STK698622_TN STK698676_TN STK698783_TN STK699256_TN STK699264_TN PSQ_201605FCBD_PokemonPocketComicsLegendaryPokemon.indd STK699301_TN STK699530_TN

*Grab bag intended for ages 16 and up. May contain inappropriate material for young readers.


Congratulations to Nathan Millar the winner of Calgary Artist Challenge: King Kirby Tribute


Congratulations to Nathan Millar the winner of Calgary Artist Challenge: King Kirby Tribute!

Our Calgary Artist Challenge judge, Jason Mehmel has made his picks for the top three challengers!

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Nathan Millar
2. David Joyce
3. Sho Uehara


Thanks to Jason Mehmel and all of the challengers! See everyone’s art here.

“All of the submissions were excellent. They all captured the most Kirby-like quality; energy. The energy of ideas, the dynamo that powers stories. (A special shout-out to Nick Johnson’s New Gods ensemble piece!) Ultimately, because this art competition is collaborating with Sage Theatre’s production of King Kirby, I followed the drive of the show itself, Kirby as a character engaged with or affected by his own work, which is something that I think can be seen most especially in these three pieces.

As I was deliberating, I shared the images with the cast and crew. As a team, we were moved by the clear impact Kirby still has to this day on contemporary artists. I offer my thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated; thank you all.”

~Jason Mehmel
Artistic Director
Sage Theatre

This art challenge was in celebration of Sage Theater’s presentation of KING KIRBY by by Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente. KING KIRBY is directed by Jason Mehmel and is playing April 15 – 23, 2016 at Pumphouse Theatres.


Local Artists Tribute King Kirby See what they Came Up With!

Jack (The King) Kirby was a great force behind the creation of many of the superheroes we celebrate today. Calgary’s local art talent has been challenged to come up with a tribute to the King. This in celebration of Sage Theater’s presentation of KING KIRBY by by Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente. KING KIRBY is directed by Jason Mehmel and is playing April 15 – 23, 2016 at Pumphouse Theatres.

Have a look below to see what local artists came up with.


Mark Matchem



Nick Johnson



Cam Hayden



Sho Uehara



Darren La Rose



David Joyce



Nathan Millar




Calgary Artist Challenge Presents: King Kirby Tribute


This is a public invite for all local artists of all professional levels to visit Alpha Comics on Friday April 1st to Sunday April 3rd. This challenge is to create a tribute to Jack (THE KING) Kirby. This in celebration of Sage Theater’s presentation of KING KIRBY by by Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente. KING KIRBY is directed by Jason Mehmel and is playing April 15 – 23, 2016 at Pumphouse Theatres.


Artists will be provided a Blue Line 11″ x 17″ on two-ply Brite art index board. At Alpha Comics, use your art skills to create a Jack Kirby tribute. Bring your own supplies. There is no restriction with medium, only that the art has to be on the provided paper. Artists can visit anytime during store hours on Friday April 1st to Sunday April 3rd. Art must be done in the store. Submitted art will be scanned and uploaded to All entries will be viewed by our guest judge. Prizes will be awarded to the top three covers as decided King Kirby director, Jason Mehmel. (Guest judge will not be appearing in the store, they will be sent scans of the entries to view.)

Why should you participate?
This event will showcase local art, supporting the local artist community.
Your art will be exposed to thousands of people who are paying attention to Alpha Comics on the internet, including industry pros and comic fans across North America.


2nd prize – A 12-pack of BLUE LINE PRO COMIC BOOK COVER SHEETS and and 2 tickets to KING KIRBY


All interested artists must email Alpha Comics at to R.S.V.P. or if you have any questions.


Kennel Block Blues Launch Signing with Ryan Ferrier


Ryan Ferrier returns to Alpha Comics to launch his new Boom Studios comic, Kennel Block Blues! Come see him Saturday February 6th between 1pm and 6pm.

5 Reasons to Read KENNEL BLOCK BLUES


Boxing Day at Alpha Comics HUGE Savings!

Saturday December 26th Alpha Comics will be having a big Boxing Day sale! We will be open 11am -6pm.


First 15 people in line will get a FREE grab bag containing Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vowes #1,  Drax #1, All-New All-Different Avengers #1 and #2. Each bag will have a random rare variant too!



Here’s a few items to look for:



BOGO on PEZ! Buy one get one FREE on all PEZ




75% off all mystery box figurines




$5 off Gwenpool Holiday Special #1




We have 12 long boxes full of comics that are only $1 each!




10% off all statues and busts




Take $5 off ALL Marvel trade paperbacks and hard covers




$10 off Joker and Deathstroke book and mask sets




DC Action Figures buy 2 get get a third FREE



Pop Vinyl figures buy 2 get a third FREE



and more..!



What Should I add to my Pull-List for January 2016?

Need something new to read? Wanna get into comics? Wanna know where to start? Alpha’s Subscription service is perfect for building your collection, discovering brand new titles, exploring new voices and finding the best books to read each week.

After combing through the solicits of titles being released each month, we’ll give you a breakdown of upcoming books we recommend, great jumping on points for stories, creators to follow and news for what to look out for in the coming weeks right here. Enjoy the Alpha Pull-list and make sure to throw anything that jumps out at you onto your subscription list where it’ll be waiting for you upon release at Alpha Comics. These comics will arrive in January so let us know that you’d like them added to your pull-list!


Old Man Logan

Reuniting the creative team behind Green Arrow for DC, Old Man Logan relaunches in January with Jeff Lemire at the writer’s elm and Andrea Sorrentino on pencils. Following the most recent miniseries from Brian Michael Bendis and Sorrentino as well, this new ongoing promises to be ‘Older, Wiser and Sharper’ on the streets of the new post-Secret Wars 616 universe.


Captain Marvel

Previously piloted by the exceptional Kelly Sue Deconnick, Captain Marvel now takes flight with new and exciting voices fresh from the Agent Carter tv series writing staff, Tara Butters and Michael Fazekas. Illustrated by Kris Anka, Carol Danvers is now the captain of a space station, heralded as the first line of defence against alien threats to Earth. Cosmic war in the skies of the Marvel Universe with Captain Marvel at the forefront can guarantee some truly fun comics.


Cry Havoc

A new gritty, monster noir set amongst militia troupes, hard-boiled folklore and the supernatural pumps through the veins of this new ongoing series from Image comics. Si Spurrier and Ryan Kelly team up with a slew of colourists to affix multiple tones and palettes into the makeup of Cry Havoc. What is described simply as a werewolf going to war is actually a stream of dark, mystical storytelling that should be on your radar.


American Monster

Brian Azzarello, the writer of 100 Bullets, Spaceman, Wonder Woman and Joker, returns to an ongoing monthly series with a new title from Aftershock Comics. Alongside Juan Doe, Azzarello spins the web of a soldier returning home from war, disfigured and completely disoriented. Will the small Northwestern town that was once his home accept him or treat him as a modern day Frankenstein monster? Will Theo Montclare learn to adapt to his surroundings or will his anguish and neglect fester inside until he becomes a true monster? I can’t wait to find out.



A miniseries from creator Rick Remender of Low, Deadly Class, Black Science and Tokyo Ghost with art from Jonathan Wayshak, Devolution is described as a Sci-Fi Pulp Epic. The story follows the last group of humans inoculated against a strange devolution agent that has bled across the face of the Earth as they struggle for survival and an opportunity to re-evolve mankind. Like a twisted apocalypse with a chance for reversal, Devolution will be an exciting and worthy subscription from Dynamite comics.


Swamp Thing

A revival of the character from its original co-creator, Len Wein, the Swamp Thing returns to the DC fray of titles with a brand new Mini-series. Alec Holland has received a dire warning and a fury of unspeakable monsters are coming his way, attacking him with the ever powerful forces of dark magic. Over six issues, Swamp Thing, is bound to make another significant impact on the DCU in the hands of creators Kelley Jones and Len Wein.


Rocket Raccoon & Groot

Ridiculous hi-jinx, adventures and insanity are coming from a talking racoon and his gigantic, mono-syllabic tree friend in the new series from the All-New All-DIfferent Marvel lineup. Fan favorites, Skottie Young and Filip Andrade take hold of a brand new team-up series that has the whole galaxy talking as two friends find themselves trekking through space and causing mayhem wherever they tread. Fun, fresh and hilarious, Young and Andrade will sure make this a journey worth hitching along.


Silver Surfer

Mike Allred and Dan Slott return for another volume of their wild space adventures with the Silver Surfer. One of the best books from Marvel in recent memory, the creative team took Norrin Rad and his companion Dawn Greenwood across the multiverse to explore infinite space, but now they find themselves on a wartorn doorstep of Earth, still feeling the effects of a secret war that rearranged life as we know it. Insane Kirby worlds, bonkers monsters and zooming through the cosmos will all surely be checked off in this new chapter in the life of the Silver Surfer.