The Heroic Age Of Galactic Exploration With Jack Shackleton #1 & #2

Follow Jack Shackleton and his crew aboard the Calypso as they travel through the cosmos in an attempt to make the first documentary TV series about life on other worlds!

Murder Falcon #1 – Killing In The Name Of Metal

Murder Falcon #1 Written And Illustrated By: Daniel Warren Johnson Series Type: Ongoing Publisher: Image The evil Magnum Khaos plans to use an army of monsters to enslave...

What If? Peter Parker Became The Punisher #1

WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT…PUNISHMENT?! PUNISHER and SPIDER-MAN are two very, very different characters, but could they be two sides of the same coin?

What If? Flash Thompson Became Spider-Man #1 (of 1)

What If? Flash Thompson Became Spider-Man #1(of 1) - Written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Diego Olortegui Think you know all there is to...

Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #1 – Into The Outback

Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #1(of 5) - Written and illustrated by Sam Keith Ah, the Outback. A mysterious place full of Crabbits, Air Whales, and...

Superior Octopus #1: You Are My Density

Doc Ock has set up shop as San Francisco’s protector, but you won’t believe his methods.

Death Orb #1: A Trip In Five Parts

Rider, an ax-wielding wasteland survivor, carves a bloody path across a war-torn North America ruled over by the Lords, the mysterious Father, and their cult followers as he searches for his abducted wife and child.

Heroes In Crisis #1: Killing All Heroes

Heroes In Crisis #1 (of 9) - Written by Tom King and illustrated by Clay Mann There are many paths that can lead to a...

Spider-Geddon #0: Spider-Game Tie In

Spider-Geddon #0 (One-Shot) - Written by Christos Gage & Jed MacKay and Illustrated by Clayton Crain & Javier Garron Spider-Man, Spider-Man, who hasn’t played the...

Stranger Things #1: Will Byers, Where Are You?

The nostalgia-igniting hit Netflix original series comes to comic shelves. Follow Will Byers into a dimension of decay and destruction where he must use his wits and resolve to dodge the pursuit of the Demogorgon and escape the Upside Down.