Monday, February 19, 2018

CGC Services & Fees

Alpha Comics is a CGC Authorized Member Dealer and is now accepting books on your behalf for grading. We’ve listened to the comic fans of Calgary and you’ve told us you want this service! The Certified Guaranty Company is know world wide for their service and we are happy to be partnered with them.

Below are our available grading services. The service tier you need is decided by the ungraded value of your comic book and your desired turnaround time. Turnaround times are approximate and not guaranteed. Turnaround time includes shipping time. Prices are flat rates that include the cost of shipping, insurance and other fees.

Comic Grading Tiers

Modern (1975-Current Date)
  • Max. Value $200
  • Current Turnaround 51 Business Days
  • Price (per book) $65
  • Max. Value N / A
  • Current Turnaround 47 Business Days
  • Price (per book) $55 (for books under $50,000 FMV. Otherwise $65)


  • Max. Value $3,000
  • Current Turnaround 30 Business Days
  • Price (per book) $145
  • Max. Value $1,000
  • Current Turnaround 39 Business Days
  • Price (per book) $123
  • Max. Value $400
  • Current Turnaround 62 Business Days
  • Price (per book) $83 
  • Max. Value $200
  • Current Turnaround 84 Business Days
  • Price (per book) $72 

CGC, at its sole discretion, determines that the fair market value of a book is higher than the value stated by the submitter, CGC will move the comic book to the appropriate higher tier and the additional charge will be the responsibility of the submitter.

Comics submitted for Recertification with their original label ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO RECEIVE THE SAME GRADE. Please remember that CGC does not return mylars or backing boards sent in with comic books.

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