Batman/The Shadow #1

Written by Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando, drawn by Riley Rossmo

Lamont Cranston has been murdered; the assailant cloaked in shadow, his body left without dignity in the murky embrace of a dim apartment. Luckily the world’s greatest detective is on the case! But before he can get his bearings, the Batman too is attacked by a “shadow”, one that shares the same name as his victim, and appears to have bit the big one back in ’63. How is this Cranston striking from beyond the grave, and how is he connected to both Bruce’s grandfather, Patrick Wayne, and the man who taught him how to hunt criminals, Henri Ducard? These are pieces of a puzzle left to be solved in DC and Dynamite’s crossover mini-series Batman/The Shadow, but it’s no mystery why these two iconic characters deserve to share the same page.

When Bob Kane and Bill Finger were dreaming up a new crime fighter for National back in 1939, they drew heavily from (among other sources) the urban-crime stories depicted in pulp magazines. None more so than The Shadow: a vigilante who—draped in darkness—wages a war on crime, and moonlights as a rich playboy (i.e. Lamont Cranston, one of many aliases the Shadow uses). Batman/The Shadow is written by Batman alum Scott Snyder and JLA scribe Steve Orlando. The elements that make up the Shadow’s lore mesh perfectly with Gotham’s noir aesthetic, the writers paying homage to Batman’s detective roots and the era of the Shadow while keeping the story in a modern setting. With the amazing talents of Riley Rossmo and colourist Ivan Plascencia on art, this book hits all the marks. Fans of Batman, or the Shadow, or just great comics will be pleased to have picked this one up! -Keli

P.S. If this comic is up your crime-ridden alley, I would also recommend The Shadow: Year One Omnibus by Matt Wagner and Wilfredo Torres. Support your local comic-shop and have them order you a copy, you won’t regret it!