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Review: In My Time Of Dying

Written by Chad Colpitts
Drawn by Nathan Millar
Published by: Independent
Type: Ongoing

Every once in a while an independent book comes across my desk for review that I don’t know how to handle. Or even how to interpret it. In My Time Of Dying is one of those books.

From the back page of the book comes an interesting presentation from Nathan Millar: “Some of this art was originally drawn for a story called “Approaching The Terminal”, which I worked on with Shane Joines. We put it down after a few years, but I’d always wanted to use the art in some capacity.”

“I still quite love the Wash and Toots characters. That said, I pitched Chad to see if he was interested in helping piece things together a little bit differently, and he was in.”

In a book where the main character starts off in a car that smashes headlong into the ground in front of a diner, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go but up. Literally – she should have been dead. But that’s not what the creators of this book want to take you. And it’s an interesting ride with a talking Coyote and an almost eery feeling that something is just not right. The art style is simple with a color pallet to match. It does just fine assisting the reader in their interpretation of the story.

The cover is really quite appealing and it gives nothing away while creating yet another question in your mind: why is a coyote smoking a cigarette? This and other eternal questions await.

Go and pick up this book – it might be the coolest thing you’ve read in a long time! As well, pick up B-Movie Garbage 3, also by writer Chad Colpitts. Both books are exclusively seeing their comic book store premiere at Alpha Comics on June 11, 2019! Because Wednesday *is* the BEST day of the week at Alpha!