How do I submit my books to go to CGC via AlphaComics?

Bring in your books, pay for the CGC service, sign the contract explaining all the legalize of third-party handlers, etc and we’ll send them off and make sure they get back to you. The entire process takes only 5 minutes per book. However, we request that you bring in books for submission on any day other than new comic book day (Wednesday) so we can give you the attention required to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. The book(s) are then sent down to Florida where CGC is located and usually takes 2-3 months to come back depending on the services requested.

How much does it cost to send books to CGC?

While the overall cost can fluctuate depending on factors like the USD to CAD dollar conversion and freight, generally a recent inexpensive book will cost around $50-$60 plus tax to send. If the book is of a high value, then it will go up substantially since the cost in those cases is based on a percentage of current value. It’s always best to have a discussion with Alpha to get a better idea of costs – especially if you are submitting multiple books or high value books.

Should I submit book [insert book name here] for CGC?

This is the real question. If you have a high-value book that you would like to protect (both materially and in value), then yes, absolutely. A lot of people send books that are perceived as having more value in the future as well (because of a movie or television appearance for example). And then there are people who just like the look of the plastic encapsulation to display their books.

How do I know the current state of my CGC submission?

AlphaComics has a custom built system for tracking pull lists and addition to CGC submissions. That means you will be given a login and password for your account and can see at any given time the books you’ve submitted along with the status. Additionally, we email you from our system every time the status changes including when its ready for pickup.

Will the CGC encapsulation process increase the value of my book?

Not necessarily. A low-value book will continue to be a low-value book. CGC submissions are not the magic bullet to wealth in the comic book world. Some people also value the raw (non-encapsulated) book over CGC. However, if a book already has value, there is a good chance it increases with sending to get graded.

How can I get a signature series yellow label on my book?

Signature Series indicates that the book was signed in the company of an official CGC rep that witnesses the person doing the signature. If your book has a pre-existing signature, then it will most likely come back with the green label. Note that signatures with a certificate of authenticity (COA) tend to be worth more raw. If you send the COA with the book, it will have no effect on the label given and you most likely will not get it back. Note that green labels tend to lower the value of the comic as it is seen as defaced/marked up and there is no proofed of who signed it.

What do the different coloured labels mean from CGC?

From CGC: “CGC uses different colored labels to easily distinguish each grade category. CGC labels can be blue (Universal), green (Qualified), purple (Restored / Apparent), yellow (Signature Series) or blue / silver (Conserved). Additionally, a label can be a combination of Signature Series and a different category (yellow / green, yellow / purple or yellow / silver). The different colored labels, as well as dual-colored labels, are explained in greater detail on the label description page:“. Note that AlphaComics has no say over the label that comes back from CGC. If there are issues with your book that give a non-standard universal label, we’ll try to tell you before it’s sent, but not all things can be seen outside of CGC.

What if there are special attachments on my book (cards, poly bag, etc)?

The only item that gets graded is the book itself. Any accompanying wrap should be removed before sending. If the special attachment is worth noting, CGC will add it to the label.

Why go with CGC over other grading companies?

CGC to graded comics is like Kleenex to tissue paper: they are world recognized for their ability to grade comic books and provide a high quality holder for your precious book.

How can I assure the best grade for my book?

There are more than a hundred different factors that they take into consideration when grading your books. However, you can minimize the “deductions” from your “score” or grade. Proper storage of your books goes a long way to getting a good grade (comics boxes, bags, and boards are a must if you intend to grade your books). Comics that have been read almost always introduce wear and tear that lowers the grade. We have a couple of articles that are in-depth on the subject: How to Store Your Comics and What Affects a Comics’ Grade With CGC.

What if I want to read my comic book again?

If you have any intention of reading that book again, don’t send it to CGC. If you do pay to get it graded, then change your mind later, you can always break it out of the package. However, any grade you had will most likely be lessened by that simple act.