Review: Batman #21

Written by Tom King and illustrated by Jason Fabok

Who watches the Watchmen? The world’s greatest detective that’s who! No not Sherlock, or Basil of Baker Street. I’m talking about the orphan with anger problems. The one who dresses as a bat. If you know who I’m talking about, you’ve probably been waiting for this issue since the beginning of Rebirth. Well . . . the wait is over! And this comic pushes all the right buttons.

For those of you not in the know, way back in the Rebirth One Shot Batman found a button. Not just any button either, but a special button that DC has acquired the rights to. If you don’t recognize this button, you need to get out more. Or and I can’t believe I’m saying this, watch a Zack Snyder film. Don’t worry this is one of his good ones, no not the one with the owls (though that was great). Anyway, many people have been waiting to see what will happen with this button and that all starts here in . . . “The Button Part 1”. This book is written by Tom King (Vision) and illustrated by Jason Fabok (Batman Eternal), and starts off a Flash crossover which is about (you guessed it) the aforementioned button. In this issue Batman hopes to dive deeper into the mystery surrounding this mysterious button, but his investigation hits a snag when an unexpected guess appears. Unfortunately this book leaves more questions than answers, but it’s a part 1 so that’s to be expected. I can not wait to read Flash #21 (on sale 4/26/17), but until then a couple re-reads of this book should tide me over. Besides answering little, this comic is exciting and full of great action. Tom King as always weaves an intricate and entertaining story, and you know something huge is on the horizon. King’s story is supported by the slick art work of Jason Fabok. This is the top notch artwork you come to expect from a high demand tittle such as Batman. The action races off the page and is complimented by the colouring and lettering of Brad Anderson and Deron Bennet. Most of the pages are heavy on the panels, but I think this works perfectly with the pacing of the book. It keeps things moving quickly, while still delivering intense fight scenes and giving you important plot bits. This is definitely a book you’ll want to read again, and again, in order to pick up all the little easter eggs of what’s to come.

This is an obvious must read for Batman fans or those already collecting the series, but it is also a good jump-on point for new Batman readers or those that yearn to be in the know. This book is going to lead to something huge for the DC universe, and you don’t want to be the last one to hear about it. Or to hear about it from your snot nosed, know it all cousin, who only reads comics because you do. So give into the hype, and get this book. Better yet get the version with a lenticular cover. Make everyone one jealous, and put your house to the top of every Gotham lowlifes “to rob” list. Seriously though, this cover is really cool and a must have for comic collectors. Get your hands on one right away, before they disappear in a flash. Also, if you need to catch up on this series, check out the sets and collections Alpha has on hand. Until next time just remember, I’m not the reviewer you need, I’m the one you deserve.

– Chad Colpitts (Independent (not ant) Comic Creator @TiCComics)