Batman: Li’l Gotham Issue #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

            Hello, I read a comic with pictures and words in it. It is about a pointy eared superhero and his superbuddy who is also his little kid and together they fight the livin’ heck out of crime. Hangin’ out on rooftops, perched like those things that were in that show Gargoyles… I can’t remember what they were called, but anyway, they look down at a bunch of people below, waitin’ for criminals to pop up and be like “hey, I’m a jerk!” so they can swing down and kick them in their stupid heads. I was always told takin’ stuff that isn’t yours or being rude or attempting to take over the world is bad so it’s ok when the Bat dude and his friend are like *Pow! *Zap! and then the bad guys are like *OW! Which is why I think this comical book was totally cool.

Anyway, there’s a couple wicked awesome sweet stories in this book and the first one was about my favorite holiday, cuz it’s the day when you can dress up like whatever you want and people let you leave the house to go to school and eventually to stranger’s houses to beg for candy. It’s called Halloween. My dad calls it ‘panhandling’ which is silly because last year I was The Riddler and he doesn’t cook or anything but whatever. In the story the Bat guy and his sidekick track down a bunch buttheads who are eating at a restaurant and Robin learns a lesson or two about how to trick or treat and then police show up. In the second story Penguin tries to wreck a parade and also gets other penguins to help him do it. But if you are wondering if the dastardly villain gets away with it then you’ll just have to read the funny book. I sure did! Yeah, the fatty Penguin meany uses a dorky lookin’ gun and Robin plays the trumpet really well and then all my favorite superheros hang out at supper and the butler makes them eat Turkey and other yummy food. It was pretty exciting.


These guys named Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs wrote the stories about the Bat knight and his son and it’s really fun and hilarious and as cute as a button. A particularly cute button with lots of puppies eating cake and stuff on it. They made everything really entertaining and something that I would totally read every single day if I could but that’s too much work for them so they only do it once a month. My favorite part in the whole wide world was that it looked AMAZING. Dustin Nguyen did all the art and painted it or something. I showed it to a bunch of stinky adults and they were all like “mmmmmyesss beautiful, incredible colours, adorable character designs, spectacular layouts and perfect comic timing mmmyeeesss blah blah blah”. I don’t know what they meant but I’m sure it’s pretty much what I said only with dumber more boring words. The picture on the front cover is one of my favourites ever, it’s got Hush, Mad Hatter, the butler man, Mr. Cold or somethin, Catlady and of course the Bat guy himself.


I read the book from beginning to end and I had the best time. It was called Batman Li’l Gotham and I think everybody would like it, whether you’re a little kid or a big adult or a teenager who likes vampires and crying or if you’re a hamster who can read or whatever! Pick up this book because it’s really fun and it looks awesome!

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