Batman The Red Death #1 –Written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico

It seems that with the beyond bad @$$ Metal Event that everything we thought we knew about Batman is changing in a flash. More secrets are being revealed, more questions are be posed, and the entertainment value is rising. Yet still, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is this: are the Metal one-shots going to be worth my time and money? If Batman The Red Death #1 presents the standard . . .  The answer is a giant eardrum red deathshattering YES!

Red Death Redemption

The purpose of these one-shots is to give us some backstory behind the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse. Starting with the uber cool looking Batman/Flash hybrid The Red Death!

The origin of The Red Death is a full throttled tale littered with bodies, and splattered with blood. Which of course means tons of entertainment. This book covers everything from Red Death’s origin to his reason for coming to earth-0, as well as setting up for his confrontation with The Flash in The Flash #33.

The Red Death is obviously not your average Batman, and definitely does not act like one. This allows Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter) to create a fresh Batman origin story that is unique and quite dark. Things are always interesting when the main character’s moral compass is busted. Williamson embraces this, and delivers an exciting high octane story.

Williamson’s writing is backed by the stylish art of Carmine Di Giandomenico (Spider-Man: Noir). Each page gives you a lot to take in, from the busy backgrounds to the detailed characters. It’s almost sensory overload but in a good way. You’ll find yourself rescanning each page a second time before you flip it. Page 16 is my favourite, it’s just plain wicked! It gives us a very cool (and pretty metal) glimpse into The Red Death’s unique brand of death

Give It One Shot

If you’re following the main metal storyline, then getting this book is a no brainer. It gives insight into one of the soon to be key players, and sets up for more metal mayhem. I predict that The Red Death is going to be a fan favourite, but I have no real future telling gifts (I also thought Suicide Squad would be good). Even if I’m wrong, no one can argue that he looks super slick.

If you need more incentive: DC is really going all out on this event, and has once again given us a sweet foil cover. . . But that is not all! If you get this comic you will also get a button (calm down Batman, I said a button not “The Button”), while supplies last. So let a little Metal into your life, and make sure to check out all the other great titles connected to this event.  red death