Review: Batwoman #1

Written by Marguerite Bennet & James Tynion IV
Illustrated by Steve Epting

Well, it’s official. Batwoman makes it to the top of the list of women who can kick my butt. Just above my sister, and your sister, and your mom, and my mom ( if she had a single violent bone in her body), and your average Girl Scout. Bottom line, she is one bad mamma-jamma with great hair to boot. Like seriously great hair! I would say that the hair is and has always been my favourite thing about this character’s design.

Anyway. Time for the review, before you brush me off. Batwoman is written by Marguerite Bennet (DC Comics: Bombshells), and James Tynion IV (Detective Comics), and illustrated by Steve Epting (New Avengers). This issue starts off with Batwoman on a mission from Batman (not God, Elwood) to track down the elusive monster venom, which first appeared in Batman – Night of the Monster Men. After a run in with another venom user, she finds herself on the trail of a sinister adversary with ties to her past.

This is a very well paced book. It starts you right off with some awesome monster fighting, then some sidekick banter, then mystery back story, and blam! Cliff hanger. Sure it’s a common template, nothing ground breaking, but it gets the job done smoothly. They are setting up for a story arc that should be quite interesting and action packed. Plus it’ll add new content to the mythos of Batwoman, which should please her fans. I’m interested to see what this clever writing team has in store for our redheaded heroine. The art is stylish and slick, perfect for the action sequences. I also like how they colour the flashback scenes, they’re shown in black, white, and red.

Overall, this is an entertaining book. Great action, and an intriguing story. If you’re a Batwoman fan you’ll love it, and if your a Batman fan you won’t regret branching out. It made me more interested in this character, and also made me consider wig options (I’d probably look good with Trunks type hair or maybe super saiyan style). Whether your locks flow or bald spot shines, you should give this book a chance. Plus if you like Batwoman, check out Dectective Comics Rebirth, she’s a key part of that series (Alpha has it in singles and vol 1 in trade). Until next time, keep your cuts super.

– Chad Colpitts (Independant Comic Writer @TiCComics)