The Man Of Steel – Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Jay Fabok.

The moment has arrived! It is finally time for us to see how Bendis writes a Superman book. In my opinion, he does it like a pro. This book is fast paced, exciting, and fun. Plus it comes equipped with witty dialogue and an intriguing new villain. Who is Rogol Zaar? What connections does he have to the destruction of Krypton? And will his name become the popular child’s name of 2018? Bendis will most likely answer all this and more with his thrilling 6-issue Superman debut… The Man Of Steel!

Super Fly

This book has everything one wants and has come to expect from a good Superman story. Scenes of epic heroics, headline-worthy mysteries, and a big, bad, brawl ready evil-doer. Bendis lays down the groundwork for his epic 6 part story, and I am very excited. The pages can’t turn fast enough. Once you finally get to the last page, you’re left with nothing except questions mixed with a longing for next Wednesday and the next exciting issue.

Bendis also brings some new characters into the mix and I’m not just talking about the big axe wielding behemoth with the cool name. Bendis has introduced two new ladies to the fray. Each of whom may bring their own brands of trouble into the never simple life of Superman. It’ll be interesting to see how these characters fit into the story and what kind of effect they’ll have on our hero. It’ll be hard for any new character not to be overshadowed by the likes of Rogol Zaar, but these ladies might just have what it takes.

Super Buy

This book is a must for all Superman fans and is a great jumping on point for fans in the making. What happens in this mini-series will definitely have an impact on the events in Action Comics, Superman and even Supergirl. Not only that, but the great writing and eye-catching art make this a book you can’t afford to miss. It really is quite super.