Superman #1 – Written by Brian Micheal Bendis and illustrated by Ivan Reis

In a world plagued by dangers and disasters, it’s good to know someone is out there superman bendiskeeping us safe. Who is that someone you ask? Well, it’s not a bird . . . it’s not plane . . . it’s Superman! However, he’s not the real hero here. That title without a doubt goes to Brian Michael Bendis. If I ever sing out for someone to save me, I hope he’s the one that answers the call.

Super Job!

If you’re thinking the best thing about the relaunch of Superman is his red shorts, you are super wrong. Bendis’s Superman is soaring off the page in a story packed with action, mystery, and depth. If you managed to read The Man Of Steel mini-series that just ended last week, then you know a lot has happened since issue 1000 (and if you don’t know that, stop worrying because this DC book actually has a recap at the beginning! Mind blown!). Bendis picks things up right after the crazy events in that epic series (pick it up if you can), and doesn’t slow down for a second. Superman is forced to deal with current family problems, man cave relocation, fires, monsters and all that is nothing compared to the dilemma brought about by one whopper of a twist ending.

Bendis is weaving an engaging story that is full of set up and character building, which is something this title needs to succeed outside of its hardcore fan base. This is a book that I think could actually hook readers who have actively avoided or straight up hated Superman in the past. I think it’s a good jumping on point for new fans and old cynics. At no point did I feel uninterested or bored, the pages were turning faster than a speeding bullet. This is a rare and hopeful thing for a series that most people feel has explored ever place it could possibly go. I look forward to Bendis proving the haters wrong and giving us a fresh and exciting new Superman book.  

Looking Super

Ivan Reis gives us great art to match the great story. There are some epic splash pages with some wicked action shots. Though it’s true my favorite pages are ones that include monsters or the fighting of monsters, it’s hard not to appreciate the detail put into each scene and character. Pages 12-13 and 28-29 are definitely appealing to the ol’ eyeballs. Very detailed and very cool. It’s important to have strong art to back up a strong story, and that’s one more thing this book has going for it.

Buying Bendis

If you don’t grab this book then the entire existence of the universe as we know it will still be ok, but you will have definitely cheated yourself out of a good time. This book harkens back to the times when you actually liked Superman and wore his S on your clothing without an ounce of shame. If it’s been a while since you’ve read the big guy’s exploits, then this is the best possible time to jump back on. Bendis will without a doubt breath new life into this series and you don’t want to miss it.