Cable #1

Written by James Robinson
Pencilled by Carlos Pacheco
Inked by Rafael Fonteriz
Coloured by Jesus Aburtovcable_cover

Look everyone! It’s that Cable guy! No not the b*st*rd son of Claire Huxtable, I’m talking about the X-Men character. You know the one, time traveling bad@$$, reluctant pal of Deadpool, son of blank and blank. If you don’t know who his parents are, I’m not going to tell you. Look it up or ask Siri. That cold robotic b*tch will have no problem ruining it for you, and I’ll be able to sleep at night. When I do sleep, I won’t have to dream of the old days when Cable had his own series because those days have returned. It’s been awhile since this character has had an ongoing, but the wait is over and fans won’t be disappointed.

Cable #1 is written by James Robinson (Batman/Deadman), pencilled by Carlos Pacheco (Arrowsmith), inked by Rafael Fonteriz (this comic), and coloured by Jesus Aburtov (New Avengers). In this issue Cable is hot on the travel of a time traveling individual with a hefty supply of hi-tech weapons. Not much (if anything) is explained in way of plot, but the fast pacing and heavy action give you little time to focus on that. You know they’re setting up for something, and you know you’ll learn things soon enough, so you might as well enjoy the ride. Plus, how can you not be entertained as Cable takes on Cowboys in the Old West and Samurai in Feudal Japan, both groups armed with technologically advanced weapons not appropriate for their time frames. It’s pure entertainment! The art looks great, the action scenes are smooth and easy to follow. The laser swords the Samurai wield in the final pages have a super cool pixely look, which I think turned out very well. I also really like the colouring of the backgrounds especially in the Western scenes, it sets the mood and captures the feel of the era. Panel 1 on page 12 is classic Western at its finest, pilgrim. cable_example

If you like the time you’re in then good for you, but if you prefer to gas up the Delorean and visit other times this is your kind of book. So grab this book and prepare to follow a grisly mutant as he turns back time (I can’t decide who’s face is more haggard Cables or Chers) with the best of them. If you read this book and can’t wait for more Cable check out Alpha’s back issues, I know there are a ton of New Mutants and maybe you’ll find other Cable appearances as well. If none of this convinces you to pick up this book consider this: if you buy this comic you’ll be one of the few people still paying for cable. Thank you Netflix and good bye.