An instantly recognizable style, Amanda Conner has been a goliath in comics with her work as a cover artist, penciller and writer of classic characters, new inventions and exciting upcoming endeavours.

Beginning in the eighties, Amanda Conner, a graduate of the Kubert school of art, worked on stories at Marvel and Archie Comics eventually moving onto collaborations with Peter David, Richard Howell and Warren Ellis. Responsible for classic runs on Power Girl, Vampirella and featured work on characters such as Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Starman, Birds of Prey and many more, Amanda Conner continues to bring her explosive talent and smooth design and layout sense to modern independent and mainstream comics. Her work as a cover artist on the recent Movement and Green Team: Team Trillionaires titles in the New 52 have graced shelves with charming and beautiful character designs and action captures that only hints at her incredible art that has been a mainstay in the DC camp for years. Contributing to DCs Before Watchmen line of books, Amanda Conner displayed her writing chops as well as her stellar artwork alongside co-writer Darwyn Cook with the four issue mini-series, Silk Spectre. A personal favorite display of her pencil work is the Image comics one-shot The Pro with Preacher/Hellblazer writer Garth Ennis. Inked by husband and collaborator Jimmy Palmiotti, Conner explored the depraved and disgusting world of a reluctant prostitute turned superhero as she works alongside the likes of the League of Honor in defeating pathetic villains such the the Noun and the Adverb and eventually a world threatening nuclear attack. Her detailed world of a sarcastic, foul-mouthed woman is an absolute twisted joy, pumped full of cringe-worthy humour and provocative imagery.

Coming in November, Amanda Conner will be joined by creator Jimmy Palmiotti in the New 52 ongoing series of Harley Quinn, starting off with a new number 0 heralding an incredible cover by Conner herself. Co-writing alongside Palmiotti the series promises to be an inventive take on the character and an exciting avenue for the imagination of two massive talents in comics.

Written by By: Rob Neil Gruszecki