Eclectic, expansive and prolific, Jimmy Palmiotti is a comic’s scribe, penciller, inker, screenwriter, editor and even video-game scriptwriter. Dating back to the early nineties and steadily producing quality work over at Marvel, DC, Image and more, Palmiotti is a frequently recognized name on the covers of modern comics and is always a contributor that constitutes an instant interest in readers such as myself.

Palmiotti has been a featured inker on such projects as Daredevil: Guardian Devil by Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith, as well as the co-creator of such characters as Ash and Painkiller Jane which were conceived at Event Comics, a co-venture of Quesada and Palmiotti. As a writer, his sardonic wit and wicked imagination is responsible for stories of the Punisher, Power Girl, Jonah Hex, Batwing, Deadpool, GI Combat, Gen 13, Hawkman, Superman/Supergirl/Superboy, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters and that only names a few of his staggeringly immense resume. His frequent collaboration with writer Justin Grey has produced some of the best works in independent comics such as Random Acts of Violence and recently the short-lived Creator-owned Heroes. An attempt from the creators with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) to display original ideas and stories, completely independant from the comics mainstream. Unfortunately the title only produced 8 issues but each was filled with incredible stories such as Triggergirl 6 with Phil Noto, Killswitch with Jerry Lando and a slew of interviews, essays, writing tips, short comics from the likes of Darwyn Cooke and extras galore that made for one of the most original, bold and dense monthly reads on the comic shelves.

Currently at home over in the New 52 camp, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey continue to explore the world of Jonah Hex with All-Star Western and since its 19th issue, the world of the Batman Incorporated agent Batwing. Coming in November, Palmiotti will be joined by his wife and incredibly talented comics artist and writer, Amanda Conner, with their new ongoing, Harley Quinn. Their 0 issue will be the launching pad for one of the universe’s most beloved creations and herald the work of such artists as Darwyn Cooke, Sam Keith, Tony S. Daniel, Paul Pope, Walter Simonson, Art Baltazar as well as featuring a beautiful cover by Conner herself.

Jimmy Palmiotti is an exciting talent producing consistent quality in comics and his involvement in any project is always a sign of great things to come.

Written by By: Rob Neil Gruszecki