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Reviews by the 80's kid

Secret Empire 0

Review: Secret Empire #0

Secret Empire #0 Written by Nick Spencer / Drawn by Daniel Acuna and Rod Reis Secret Empire is Marvel’s big crossover event for 2017, and I’ll...
Generations Thor 1

Smitten For Smiting

We have been loving Generations here at Alpha Comics, and this week’s addition follows up that sentiment with all the righteous smiting you’d expect from a couple of Thors, be they worthy or not!
Secret Empire 6

Steve Finally Puts The Evil In Stevil

Secret Empire #6 Written by Nick Spencer / Drawn by Leinil Francis Yu, Rod Reis and Joshua Cassara Maybe it’s the receding tide of high expectations, but...
Grass Kings 1

Review: Grass Kings #1

Grass Kings #1 Written by Matt Kindt / Drawn by Tyler Jenkins An outsider has been caught trespassing on the Grass Kingdom’s territory. The “kingdom” however,...
Rocket 1

Review: Rocket #1

Rocket #1 Written by Al Ewing / Drawn by Adam Gorham Nipping at heels of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s release, Rocket #1 drops this...

Review: Renato Jones Season Two: Freelancer

Renato Jones Season Two: Freelancer #1 Written, drawn and colored by Kaare Kyle Andrews The most dangerous comic on the planet is back with the launch...
Punisher The Platoon 1

Whoopee! We’re All Gonna Die

In the corner of a dimly lit bar, a writer seeks to chronicle Lt. Castle’s first command as recounted by the men who served under him. You see, The Punisher was forged not only by the murder of his family, but by his time in Vietnam as well.
Spider-Man/Deadpool 1MU

Review: Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU Written by Joshua Corin / Drawn by Tigh Walker Confession: I have never read a Deadpool comic. I remember he was more merc than...
Darth Maul 1

Review: Darth Maul #1

Darth Maul #1 Written by Cullen Bunn / Drawn by Luke Ross There is no doubt that Darth Maul’s appearance in The Phantom Menace has had...
Secret Empire 2

Review: Secret Empire #2

Secret Empire #2 Written by Nick Spencer / Drawn by Andrea Sorrentino and Rod Reis This week’s Secret Empire #2 raises the stakes for the superhero...