Comic Scoundrels #1

Written by Matt Chapman and Andy Suriano

Space . . . The Final Frontier . . . of Rock and Roll! (cue air guitar solo) I’m almost positive that this comic depicts what acid users saw when they dropped while listening to Prism by Prism. It’s the embodiment of rock and roll and a psychedelic joy ride from beginning to end. So if you are ready to rock out (hopefully with certain appendages tucked away), then dust off the old solar powered laser beam guitar, jump in the Jefferson Starship, and allow me to take you to the captain.

Cosmic Scoundrels is published by IDW (TMNT Universe) and is  co-written by Matt Chapman (Homestar Runner, Gravity Falls) and co-written/drawn by Andy Suriano (Samurai Jack, Mickey Mouse Shorts). It’s about two space scoundrels Love Savage and Roshambo, who travel through space in their ship the S.S. Fistpuncher, bouncing from one intergalactic misadventure to the next. This comic takes you to a galaxy far out and away, where you experience nothing but fun and excitement. I knew from the name and cover that I’d like this book, but once I got to the Black Light Nebula I knew I loved it. I know what you’re thinking, whats love got to do with it? Love’s nothing but a second hand emotion. You’re right, I’m sorry, sometimes I ramble on. Back to the review. The writing is clever and entertaining. The book is basically littered with jokes, and even has funny little blurbs at the bottom of each page. The end of the main story definitely peaks one’s interest and makes you wonder what will happen next. Plus there is an intriguing bonus story about Party Steve, the Scoundrels part time roommate. Now the art . . . Rocks hard! The artist definitely has his phaser set to stunning. It’s a fusion of the art style seen in Saturday morning cartoons with the colouring of a psychedelic 70’s poster, which blends together perfectly. It’s very reminiscent of old school Ditko Dr.Strange. You’ll stare at it’s pages almost as much as you do to that magazine with the bunny on the cover.

The clever wit and stellar artwork make this book more than worth the pick up. The characters are funny and partake in hilarious banter between themselves and with their enemies. Plus they look and act like the Spaceship Superstars that they undoubtedly are. So go on read this book, and learn the important lesson that the only way to experience space is on a trip. If this book doesn’t completely satisfy your urge for the down right intergalactic, check out some of the Star Wars Omnibuses Alpha has on sale for 60% off. That my friends, ends this moonage daydream.

– Chad Colpitts (Comic Creator @TiCComics)