Amazing Spider-Man # 801 – Written by Dan Slott and illustrated Marcos Martinfinal

Will this is it, the final issue of Dan Slott’s 10 year run on Amazing Spider-Man. It was an amazing stint full of entertaining, exciting, and edge of your seat stories… as well as a few duds. However, that’s to be expected in such a long run. Overall, the positives totally outweighed the negatives. So even though Slott isn’t dead and is moving onto some fantastic things, it is a definite fact that he will be missed.

Final Hurrah

Coming straight off the super intense “Go Down Swinging” story arc, Slott has decided to end everything with a sweet little one-shot story designed to remind us of just how much we love/need to have Spidey in our lives. This is the kind of story that may bring a tear to your eye, or at the very least make you feel warm inside. I think it’s a great way for Slott to finish things up. A nice little heartfelt story is a good change in pace after the enthralling madness that was “Go Down Swinging”, plus there’s no need to set up stories or threads for the upcoming creative team. They have their own things to do. Whether they do it well or not, it’s a sure thing that Slott will be missed and that his work on Spider-Man will be cherished for years to come.

Dan Slott’s final swing around the block is illustrated by Marcos Martin (Spider-Man: Origin Of The Species), whose style was a perfect choice for this heartfelt little tale. His art sets a nice warm tone, and lends to the perfection of the final page. There really isn’t any other layout that could end Slott’s run as well as the final page of this book did.

Later Dawg

So that’s it for Slott. He spun some truly amazing fantasy with stories like The Spider-Verse, Ends Of The Earth, and of course The Superior Spider-Man! Those arcs will be hard if not impossible to top, but I wish good luck to those about to try. Slott, we’ll miss you, and we forgive you that lame Alpha storyline.   

P.S. If you want more Dan Slott and can’t wait until Fantastic Four comes out, then look a shelf or two down and grab Tony Stark: Iron Man.