Dark Nights Metal # 1 – Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo

Dark Nights are finally upon us. Metal is here! Which means things in the DC Universe are about to get heavy. . . Who will discover the secret behind the mysterious Nth Metal? What is a Fulcum Abominus? Will the man who dresses like a Bat need to team up with the man who dresses like a Hawk? All great questions, and I’m sure all with be revealed in this epic comic event. So you can cower in a corner tightly gripping a flashlight until the darkness has cleared, or you can be brave and/or bold and read this stellar new Bat book!

metalFull Metal Cowl

After a mountain appears in the middle of Gotham, Batman and the League are thrusted into a mysterious conspiracy surrounding the unearthly Nth Metal. With questions and danger at every turn, do our heroes have what it takes to solve the mystery and save the world? Or will their meddling lead to irreversible consequences? With a giant ensemble of characters and a thrilling intricate plot, Dark Nights Metal is going to be an unmissable event that will leave you guessing at the end of every issue.

The Dynamic Duo Returns

Finally at long last the dream team that brought us the unbelievably good Batman New 52 run, is together again! They are back, and kicking some major hardcore @$$. Scott Snyder (The Wake, Wytches) is a master at weaving a complex entertaining story full of twists and turns, and with Metal he does not disappoint. This is the kind of book you need to reread just to pick up every tiny well placed detail. Snyder does a fantastic job spinning a new tale full of prophecies, conspiracies, and mysteries that span decades of the DC Universe and still fit coherently into the current happenings. He also includes pieces of past DC plot lines and events to flesh out his story, as well as including characters I haven’t seen for quite sometime.

Of course a story is only as good as the art that accompanies it, and there is no worries there as long as Greg Capullo (Spawn, Reborn) is involved. His art, as always is stunning! He has truly mastered the art of capturing these characters. Their mannerisms and actions are flawless. It’s close to impossible to peel your eyes away from his work. Even in the first few pages before the main story even starts he gives us classic Justice League action, with the team up against wickedly drawn robotic creatures. These super cool monstrosities are definitely a product of a fantastic imagination, brought to life with a skillful hand. Can’t wait to see what he’ll bring us next.

Must Read Metal

If you are a Batman fan, you will not be disappointed. It has everything you loved from the new 52 run, and lots more! This is a story many people will be talking about, and something you will not want to miss. Plus the ending has an exciting appearance, that you’ll will need to see with your own eyes. It really opens up possibilities for the direction that Snyder will take things. I can’t even begin to guess what he has up his sleeve. However, the only way we’ll find out is to read! If you like this issue make sure to add Metal to your Pull List. Whether you just follow the main series or everything from the tie-ins to the one-shots, this event will have something for everyone! Also don’t forget to check out the preludes Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting.

Calling All Insomniacs

If you are a creature of the night or have the uncanny ability not to sleep at a decent time, make sure you swing by Alpha tonight from the special midnight release of Dark Nights Metal! Doors open at 11:55pm, and there will be free pins and lithos for the first 25 customers. Plus you have a chance to buy the exclusive (and totally rad) midnight release variant, as well as all DC new releases. That’s not all! There will also be a 25% off sale on all DC hardcovers and trade paperbacks! It’s sure to be one rockin’ night!


P.S. Power naps before midnight are acceptable. However, if you sleep nude please don’t forget to put pants back on.