The Demon: Hell Is Earth – Written by Andrew Constant and illustrated by Brad Walker

demonIn this book there’s a Demon that rhymes, which of course guarantees fun times. However, it’ll take more than a deranged Dr.Seuss, to save the world when Hell breaks loose. Jason Blood and Etrigan are back, and a deadly supernatural threat isn’t far behind them. Can they overcome their differences and save the world? Probably not, but you can bet they’ll leave a trail of bodies and destruction.

Hell Yeah!

I’m a definite fan of DC’s supernatural side. I think they have very interesting characters, and spin some pretty entertaining tales. Lucky for me (and other like minded people) DC has been embracing this side with some fantastic mini-series. First Deadman and now The Demon: Hell Is Earth. This comic is fun, exciting, and a little creepy. All things that make for a great read. The story spun by Andrew Constant (Torn) is humorous and fasted paced. It gives us a quick intro of the players then instantly tosses them into madness. I have no idea where the story is going, but I’m stoked to find out. The banter between Jason and Etrigan is fun and fitting. Constant has them playing well off each other, which helps to flesh out their strained relationship. Fans of The Demon should enjoy his interruption of these characters, and new readers will find them accessible.

The illustrations by Brad Walker (Sinestro) have a very campy feel. This fits in well with the fun supernatural romp unfolding on each page. He brings the Demon to life with style and eye catching pyrotechnics. I love the pages where his fire spewing rhyme spouting Etrigan is in action. Looks very cool. He also draws some cool/menacing smoke creatures, which look bad @$$! I’m definitely excited to see more Demon filled action in upcoming issues.

The Devil Made You Do It

If you’re a fan of The Demon or want to be, make sure to grab a copy of Hell Is Earth. The style is reminiscent of the older books, and channels the campy mayhem that made the original stuff so entertaining. New readers can easily get onboard with out feeling lost or confused, and it’s a good stepping stone into the dark side of the DCU. So make the right play, and grab this book today!