Domino #1 – Written by Gail Simone and illustrated by David Baldeon

Every once in awhile a comic comes around that makes you ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk? Because Domino sure does. In fact she always does, that’s her mutant power. But has she pushed her power to far? Is her luck finally running out? And is getting someone a dog for a gift as evil as I think it is?

Lucky Duck

Domino hits the ground running in her brand new solo series written by Gail Simone (Secret Six) and illustrated by David Baldeon (Spirits Of Vengeance), and as luck would have it she’s off to a good start. Gail Simone does what she does best, delivering an interesting story with witty and clever dialogue throughout. By using first person narration, Simone gives us a fun/sarcastic look into the mind of Domino as well as a peek into how she views her life and those in it. I especially enjoyed the way she describes her power. I’ve always had many questions around how it works, and I’m thinking by the time this series is done I’ll have some satisfying answers.

The art in this book looks great! I really dig Baldeon’s cartoony style. It delivers a slick look which works well in an action heavy story. There are a lots of fun things for Baldeon to draw in this book from a bullet laden shootout to a cameo filled party and he certainly delivers. Jesus Aburtov also deserved a solid nod for the colouring. Especially for the final page, the tones he has chosen make for a totally bad @$$ splash.

Count Your Lucky Stars

If you’re thinking a book about a lucky mutant merc is lame, then you are way off. Domino #1 is jam packed with action, excitement, an even awkward X-Men encounters. This book is a good way to learn about Domino and acquaint yourself with the character just in time for her big screen debut in Deadpool 2. Or maybe you thought she was the bee’s knees in the Weapon X ongoing and just want more of her. Either way you can’t go wrong. Punk.