All-New Ghost Rider #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

Robbie Reyes, a young mechanic in East L.A struggles to make ends meet. He supports his brother and defends him from the dangers of living in the big city. Inside him there is a fire and fanning that burning anger and aggression behind the wheel of a black roadster he will eventually find his life in flames and dragged down to hell where death will only be the beginning.

Filipe Smith (Peepo Choo) and Tradd Moore (Luther Strode, Zero) reinvent the classic Marvel character Ghost Rider with a new twist. Coming together to tell a gritty and violent story about the relationship between two brothers and spirits of vengeance in forms of inferno, Smith and Moore create an interesting, fast paced and grim action comic for the All-New Marvel Now line.

Personally, Ghost Rider was never a selling point in comics for me and the character’s presence rarely ignites my interest. With the announcement of Tradd Moore’s involvement in the project however I was immediately sold. His work with Justin Jordan on the Image Comics series Strange Talent and Legend of Luther Strode was some of the best and most original artwork in current comics and since then his frantic, hyper, vicious, bloody and elastic style has only grown and gotten better. Within the context of this new Ghost Rider he delivers the same ferocity and limber dynamic that he has presented on previous projects. To see the series and new character grow being molded in the hands of Tradd Moore will be worth the subscription.

Filipe Smith creates a realistic and sincere setting for this new Ghost Rider and his scripting of Robbie and his younger brother Gabe is thoughtful and an interesting feature of the dark tone and direction of the series. In this first issue, Smith really cements the human side of the book before the final few pages when we are introduced to the monster within and this makes for a captivating tale where your empathy for Robbie grows with each panel.

As an introduction issue to the establishment of this newcomer to the 616 universe, All-New Ghost Rider #1 is a dark and human look at an unfortunate and angry man in L.A. who meets his fate early but refuses to be taken into the dark. With the impeccable artwork that Tradd Moore brings to the book it will definitely be worth checking out regardless of your interest in the character.

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