Guardians #1Review: All New Guardians of The Galaxy (2017)

Story: Smash and Grab
Writer: Gerry Duggan (Deadpool)
Artist/Cover: Aaron Kuder (Superman)

Black Sheep, Scoundrels, and Weirdos, Peter Quill A.K.A. Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot learned to look after their own interests, then discovered they could not stand by when the universe was in peril.  They have no official jurisdiction, but if you’re in trouble (or you’ve got a line on a score) in the Milky Way, you can call the… All New Guardians of the Galaxy!

Before we get too far into the review – I’ve just gotta say this: Thank You Marvel – for fixing the digital edition codes this week.  Some time ago some big head at Marvel felt it in his/her bones that they needed to change the way the digital code works.  They changed it to be 3 random issues that had very little to no bearing on the one you were buying instead of the ACTUAL BOOK YOU BOUGHT!  Lame.  I know.  But that person was either fired or had an unfortunate accident and the process has been reversed… you get the issue you bought and you get a random book you may never read.  We win! [end rant]

The Story

Guardians have always had a level of humour to it that I’ve appreciated in the past – it really shows well in the movie(s) and it works well in books.  Now that Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, duh…) is involved – the sarcasm level has gone to 11.  Any book that starts with a Galactus Trojan horse may be one of the coolest books in the Milky Way.  On the art side – Aaron Kudor has come from a bit of a scatter gun source: I found references to multiple publishers including DC and Marvel as well as a bunch of variant covers.  His work in this book is quite stylized – rough and clearly inked and well suits the subject matter.

And they felt the need to start answering some questions like Why the Heck is Groot so small if he can regenerate?  It also treads on some less travelled paths with The Collector’s competition The Grandmaster.  Such heavy content…

Bendis and company has done the previous books and while it was really good to start with – it kind of lost its way and I lost interest about 20 issues in.  I think that anyone who enjoys Guardians – whether it be the previous books or the movies – will enjoy the heck out of this new series.

FYI – Free Comic Book Day is coming up this weekend – and one of the books that is being given away is an All New Guardians short book (that includes a Defenders story as well).  Get down to your local comic book shop on Saturday morning and get it before its gone!