Grindhouse: Door Open at Midnight

Bee Vixens From Mars! Part 1 Review

Review by: Rob Neil Gruszecki


    Sex, booze, gore, monsters, gratuitous violence, aliens and beautifully busty women all play a central role in this frightening tale of the red planet bursting and gifting Earth with it’s light. When a small town sheriff goes out to pick up some cold ones he gets called to a crime scene with a masticated corpse of a friend’s wannabe drug dealer son and stumbles into a hive of some deadly and vicious creatures. Lipstick and blood drench the crime scene and leave the calling card from another world.


In the new eight issue series from Dark Horse comics, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight, a celebration of irreverence and crass behaviour is catalogued in four different short stories. The first two issue long arc is the story of Bee Vixens From Mars! and it offers all the classic tropes you have come to expect and love in a grindhouse tale.

Alex De Campi (Smoke, Ashes) scripts the new series and is responsible for the legions of bee armies that flock from out of churches, unsuspecting orifices of victims, or mysterious plants to completely eviscerate small town yobos. His work embraces everything that is gross and over exaggerated in grindhouse fiction and is all the better for it. Gorgeous women are too busy making out ot notice the misery surrounding them, monsters explode from the most unlikely of places, lawmen and women are too drunk to recognize the threats that surround them and average citizens are too caught up in being devoured to call for help or even draw attention to the threats that face them. Everything that makes for a tense and simultaneously funny horror story is displayed in the first half of Bee Vixens from Mars and serves as an excellent template for upcoming stories in the newest edition to Dark Horse horror comics.


Serving up the visual treats is Chris Peterson, the artist for local Calgary science fiction story Ultra Nova, whose talent is one that will surely explode with in the years to come. His style serves the story of a small town’s devastation from alien, bug hybrids with sinister and comical glory and every subsequent work I have seen from the artist only blossoms into something even more impressive. Several full-page splashes within this first two-issue arc showcase Peterson’s talent with a dose of total bodily decimation by bees and grotesque, genital harm caused by invading vixens which make the book more than worth the few dollars for admission


Grindhouse: Door Open at Midnight, the new showcase from a multitude of artists at Dark Horse comics, promises to deliver a steady stream of exciting talent and enjoyable storytelling for anyone hankering for some senseless violence in their monthly comics. Bee Vixens From Mars! offers up a healthy dose of both in their first issue.

Rob Neil Gruszecki is a writer, musician, podcaster and Wednesday Warrior

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