Harley Quinn 25thHarley Quinn 25th Anniversary Edition

Art by: Amanda Conner, Various, Joseph A Quinones Jr., Chad Hardin
Variant Cover by: Bruce Timm, Jim Lee
Written by: Paul Dini, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: DC Comics

Celebrate twenty-five years of Harley Quinn with this collection of stories by some legendary Harley talent and some who’ve never drawn her before! How does Harley manage her insanely jam-packed life on Coney Island? What haven’t we seen from her past with the Joker? And can even Harley’s psychological acumen crack the twisted mind of…Robin, the Boy Wonder?

FYI: I can’t possibly list all of the talent included in this book.  Just the main ones for the stories.  There are plenty of pages done as a tribute that deserve an audience to discover them.  Best I can tell there are 5 stories included.  I say it that way because some of the stories kind of run into each other so there’s a little bit of confusion over the delineation. Most of the stories follow the same theme – Harley’s birthday and/or celebration.  This includes a story recounting a Vegas party that would make Mötley Crüe blush.  Each story take on a different side of Harley’s personality (include an explanation why “Harleen’s” childhood formed her current self).

Several different art styles are found throughout this book and everyone is bound to find one of their faves.  Anyone picking up this book isn’t looking for a cohesive story or style.  It’s a celebration of the character and nothing else.  If you are already a fan, you’ve already had this added to your pull list.  If not – there are several great covers to enjoy and tons of creators to enjoy.