Hunger #1 Review

            After incessant tampering and manipulation of the time stream in the Marvel universe from it’s plethora of heroes, parallel worlds have begun to collide with the 616 reality. All these separate dimensions have existed only peripherally to this world, free from interference or a bleeding together of characters and stories, or at least they did until the split between them was shattered by wear and exhaustion. This collapse is a result of a number of factors finding the Xmen, Avengers and Fantastic Four guilty of tampering with time but more specifically the events of Age of Ultron where Wolverine and Sue Storm take the fate of all mankind into their hands, folding time streams onto themselves again and again.

This destruction of whatever held our parallel worlds apart has set several new branches of peril into fruition, one of which being the invasion of the Ultimate Universe by Galactus the World Eater. It will be up to a champion of all creation, as chosen by the Watchers, to set things right and stop a potentially universe crushing event from taking place. However this particular champion seems a little too pre-occupied with grabbing a burger to care.


Hunger is one of the Age of Ultron Aftermath titles that is released under the Marvel Now imprint and features an insane cosmic convergence of worlds and universe sized threats clashing in the midst of a Kree/Chitauri war within Marvel’s Ultimate series of titles. Now, I’ve always loved the Ultimate line as it was initially a refuge for creators to take legendary characters and reinvent them free from overbearing continuity and restrictions that can stifle stories and ideas, however it seems more and more that the Ultimate line of comics is being swallowed by 616 continuity. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it has resulted in stories such as Spider-Men which was an excellent clash of Miles Morales and Peter Parker and now Hunger which promises to be a blast of a mini-series, it’s more just kind of funny to think that the Ultimate line’s inception was predicated on the promise of a separate world where completely unencumbered stories could take place free from the norm of insanely complicated and dense history built since the 60s. That observation aside, the intermingling of multiple universe story sharing and expansion can be utilized enjoyably and that is exactly what this first issue of Hunger proves.


Joshua Hale Fialkov (I Vampire, Echoes) Scripts this four-issue mini-series and does so with a joyful tone that perfectly contrasts the books dire concept. Writing the main host for the Watcher’s chosen vessel, Rick Jones, as an inconvenienced and snippy teen makes for the flow of the book to be funny and a real joy to follow along with. In the midst of galactic war and invasion, this selfish and uninterested boy tries desperately to eat a hamburger while worlds collide and his calling teleports him throughout space.


Leonard Kirk (Supergirl, Batman) gets to pencil some really epic and exciting scenes of celestial mayhem that are a real treat to view. His style is a great fit for the tone and flow of the title and his gift for intense detail is utilized expertly on many of the double-page showcases of space craft destruction and interstellar conflict. Getting to witness Galactus tear through the fabric of space into a battlefield really put a smile on my face. Kirk is a talent I love to see put to work on such explosive and fun sci-fi titles.


Hunger is a story that features some of the best characters Marvel has to offer and smashes them together in space. Definitely worth the read even if you didn’t check out Age of Ultron.


Rob Neil Gruszecki is a writer, musician, podcaster and Wednesday Warrior

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