Infinity Countdown #1 – Written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Aaron Kuderinfinity

I know you’re heading to Venus, and that you stand tall. However, it’s a long trip and you should really take some reading material. Lucky for you, I have just the thing! Maybe you’ve seen this in a store where comics are to be found (to be found). Either way, it’s called . . . The Infinity Countdown! Bum De Dum Dum.

Marvel Needs Space

That’s right folks, the intergalactic comic event to end all intergalactic comic events is finally landing. Things in the Marvel Universe are about to get spaced out, and you will definitely be probed for your hard earned cash. However, this will be a close encounter well worth your time and money. As Infinity Countdown final begins, the fate of the universe is once again in the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This is not entirely comforting, but maybe they can recruit the help of more stable, well mannered, self controlled characters like . . . Wolverine? Sure, why not?

Issue #1 is slowly starting the setup for this five issue event. At the moment the only real players are the Guardians and the Nova Corps, who are busy taking on separate (yet equally challenging) enemies. As always Gerry Duggan (Deadpool) brings us well thought out/ surprisingly intricate plot laced with humour and hilarious banter. I’m interested to see what he has planned and how he’ll work in all the stones and the stone wielding characters (especially everyone’s favourite mutant Canuck). He’ll have a lot to juggle, but no doubt he’ll give us an entertaining space romp. This book already has some memorable moments, my favourite being a bad @$$ Drax moment seen on page 24. Also, prepare yourself to see Groot as you’ve never seen him before.  

The art in this book is pretty stellar! Brought to us by Aaron Kuder (Superman New 52), it’s a very cartoony style which works perfectly with the zany action that’s taking place. The cosmic side of Marvel always takes us to bizarre places with weird creatures and vibrant scenery. Kuder does this justice, giving us all sorts of out of this world imagery. There are a bunch of pages that really stand out, and the action scenes are full of energy.  

Beam It Up

Issue #1 of this cosmic epic teases all kinds of stuff to come, and all of it sounds great! This five part series promises to be full of action, excitement, and straight up fun. If you can’t get enough after reading this issue, make sure to check out all the upcoming tie ins and one-shots. Including the Darkhawk four parter.