Inhuman #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

After the explosion of a Terrigen bomb unlocks secret abilities laying dormant in the DNA of people on Earth, many more humans uncover their potential and connection to the secret history of the Inhumans, a creation at the hands of the Kree and experimentation with early Homo Sapiens. Exploring the myriad new faces that have been exposed to the Terrigen mist and the curiosity of certain royal Atillan family members, Inhuman is a story of discovery and new life.

Charles Soule (Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Letter 44, She-Hulk) and Joe Madureira (Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool) delve into the expanding race of Inhumans in the Marvel universe with this new number one spinning out of the events of Infinity and Black Bolt’s actions in an effort to save the human race. Featuring a vast array of new characters and fresh inventions, Inhuman is a number one in the All-New Marvel Now line that offers something different and intriguing with a rapidly growing race that cannot be contained.

Soule’s writing is crisp in this first issue, swiftly delivering plot while developing new characters in an empathetic and captivating way. His recent work in comics has been a rise in notoriety that I have enjoyed following and Inhuman is his next step towards taking over both the Marvel and the DC universe for good. Incorporating classic Kirby characters like Medusa and introducing new blood with this Terrigen mist it is great to see his talent fuse into the fabric of the Marvel world along with an expanding catalogue of Inhumans.

Joe Mad’s eccentric, action style is sprawling and inventive. Panels that feature new alien life and dormant cocoons of gestating Inhumans are insane and his science fiction chops are in full form with Inhuman. Explosive action and the chaotic nature of the book lend themselves to Madureira’s style fluently and what he offers this new series in the All-New Marvel Now line is a dynamic and beautiful perspective on a younger set of characters.

Inhuman is a fun first issue that continues on from the fallout of Black Bolt’s actions in the pages of Infinity, delivering a cool new path through the Marvel U.

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