Written by G. Willow Wilson
Interior and Cover Art by Christian Ward
Published by Berger Books (Dark Horse)
Type: Mini-Series

From The Publisher: “Set in a far-flung star system, this new epic sci-fi monthly saga tells the tale of two women–a young religious acolyte and a hard-bitten freighter pilot–who separately uncover a vast conspiracy between the leader of the system’s dominant religion and the mega-corporation that controls society. On the run from reprisals on both sides, this unlikely pair of rebels risk plunging the world into anarchy if they reveal the truth.  But when your beliefs betray you, what choice is there left?”

I would imagine that writing a book that is accessible by anyone would be hard for Wilson. She’s well known for creating very feminine-strong stories between the acclaimed Ms. Marvel run and the more recent Wonder Woman stories. This book, while not without its strong female leads, is certainly more open to interpretation than it’s predecessors.

Hard To Explain, Really…

This book is a cross between Dune and Firefly with the art style of Barbarella. The parallel stories have threads in common at best. A ship captain trying to save her crew and cargo after a crash. A nun introducing a neo-like young disciple to the belief system. The intrigue comes from wondering how the two worlds will collide later on in this series. And the best part is that you won’t have to wait long to find out. The best part about a 6-issue series is they have to get to the point fairly quickly. There’s no reason to stretch out the story and create space where none is needed.

The first book is mostly about character development. That’s to be expected with a short arc. The art can take some getting used to since it’s so bright and, in some cases, artsy. But if you take your time, I’m sure you’ll see the beauty lying just below the surface.