Kaijumax #1

by Zander Cannon

Most people don’t like prison, unless they have great contraband connections or alpha male tendencies. However, everyone loves giant monsters (or at least they should). My love for giant monsters is what guided my hand towards this delightful comic, and I was not disappointed. Kaijumax is written and illustrated by Zander Cannon (Smax, Top 10) and published by Oni Press (Letter 44, The Life After). This copy I’m reviewing is a print copy of the first issue in the popular webcomic.

Kaijumax tells the story of a kaju called (by us awful humans) “Electrogor”, whom runs afoul of the law by attacking a city, and finds himself on an remote island which houses a maximum security prison for giant monsters. Our buddy Electrogor must contend with the usual prison problems- gangs, power struggles, a sinister warden, all while hoping to find a way off the island and back to his family. The strongest quality of this comic lies in its fantastic art and extraordinary creatures. All the inmates are brilliantly bizarre and are either throwbacks to the classics or brand new creations. An instant favourite of mine being the Ape-Whale. However, the writing should not be shanked. It’s very clever and does a great job blending the prison genre with the wonderful world of mega-sized monsters. The panel of the workout room is hilarious and very inspired.

This is a must-read for anyone remotely interested in giant monsters, and I guess people who’ve been in prison might enjoy it too. So basically it’s got a solid demographic, and I hope if your reading this you fit in there somewhere. It’s a fun comic and I highly recommend giving it a read. Besides, it’s only $1.30, so you don’t even have to steal it or shiv your friend over it. I myself can’t wait for the next issue, maybe until then I’ll grab some old marvel Gozilla comics or Marvels Monsters Unleashed which is conveniently in stock at Alpha.

Sidenote: I rarely read the mail section, but I was quite happy to find a review of a classic Kaiju movie. A movie which I promptly added to my watch-list.