Kick Ass 3 #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

            Hit-Girl, under the constant watch of rifles and angry police with itchy trigger fingers, is transported to a maximum security prison to wait out the rest of her days as a murderer and vigilante. A note written to Kick-Ass is sent as a plea for her rescue to be made by the green-clad hero and those in his group. With this request a plan is hatched to break her out of prison and all by the might and will of costume wearing citizens who simply want justice. These heroes of the modern world all boasting scars of duty, emotional abandonment and the heavy weight of the mundane reality they all exist in, have trained long and hard and are ready to show that this persecution of a fellow crime-fighter will not stand. Amassed in front of the prison gates are Kick-ass and his Justice Forever league of superheroes, arriving to take back what belongs to them.

            Or at least until they scurry away like cowards…


Mark Millar begins the third and final instalment in the trilogy of Dave Lizewski as he dones a green wet suit and billy clubs to give crime a swift kick in the nads. The profanity laden and ultra violent series continues in then same vain as those previous with crass irreverence drowning in pop culture references and crude comedy. Despite having missed out on Kick-Ass 2 and the Hit-Girl prequel I found jumping into this volume perfectly easy. Everything was set up and executed very nicely, whether intentionally friendly to new readers or not, I felt like I didn’t really miss any of the story beats. Yes, Kick-ass has a super team called Justice Forever now, Hit-Girl is in prison and Dave’s parents have been murdered. All was easy to pick up and go with which is a great aspect of the book. It may be simply because the concept and story of Kick-Ass is very base to begin with but regardless it was clear that Issue one of Kick-Ass 3 was a seamless transition and re-introduction to the Millar world of non-powered heroes and their foes.


Keeping in mind that this issue was to set up the rest of the series and more of the ‘calm before the storm’ that you know is coming if you have read any of the stories before, I was slightly underwhelmed. It was mostly posturing and building towards the eventual breakout of Hit-Girl from jail and the inevitable bloodshed that will follow. It’s not as though I expected crazy action from the get go, however I would have liked at least something exciting to happen. Millar has a history of delivering thrilling titles and I’m sure that this series will eventually become just that but for now with Issue one the only moment of comic book action that was alluded to ended in retreat immediately, which of course was used for comedic effect which at that it was a success. I may just be nit-picking however because Mark Millar’s books are generally not my favorite so I’m certain that any fan of the volumes before will immediately latch onto and enjoy the third and final chapter in the life of Kick-Ass.


John Romita Jr. Is one of my favorite artists in the industry and the contents of Kick-Ass over the years have proven time and again that he is a master of his craft. Drifting from heavy drama to outrageous gore and violence, he is a versatile creator and his style is one of a kind. Each of the superhero designs in this issue are great, really making each of the heroes look like the wanna-be nerds wearing poorly fitting felt and spandex the truly are.


With cute gags layered throughout and particularly funny scenes involving Kick-Ass and his sidekick as they commander a bar’s lights and storm the building for information to leaving behind a miss-spelled calling card for criminals, Kick-Ass 3 is worth a look even if you haven’t gotten around to the second series and definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of the titles from before and of Millar’s previous works.


Rob Neil Gruszecki is a writer, musician, podcaster and Wednesday Warrior

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