Kiss Me, Satan #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki


    New Orleans is in a choke hold from an unconventional crime family. One that is susceptible to silver bullets but unlike the legend, very vulnerable no matter where they’re shot. Meanwhile a twisted power struggle over the ruling pack is determined by an unborn child, prophesied unworthy as heir. Seemingly unconnected to both, a fallen angel walks Earth doing the bidding of the all Father in an attempt to earn himself a seat at his right hand. When a coven of witches is in dire need of a protector one is assigned from God himself and all these elements boil together in a tale of redemption, horror, violence, crime and good old fashioned shoot ‘em ups.

New Orleans is a Werewolf Town


    From novelist Victor Gishler and twisted illustrator Juan Ferreyra comes the first installment in a new five issue miniseries from the champion purveyors of current horror comics, Dark Horse. Kiss Me, Satan is the story of an angel trying to earn his way back into Heaven by taking care of demons on Earth as penance for joining forces with the Morning Star in the original fall from grace. Barnabus Black manages to get hired as a bodyguard for a group of witches who have seriously upset a Lycanthrope of the kingpin variety when he learns that his unborn child will not be able to take over the family business. In the first issue we are given a world, fully formed on a platter and invited to dig right in.


    Gishler’s scripting is seamless in Kiss Me, Satan. This new vision of New Orleans is perfectly realized from the first page and the status quo of the series and Black’s history is displayed coherently, organically and concisely in the matter of one dialogue bubble. I was sucked into the world of this series so quickly, given a feel and an affection for the players immediately and gifted with a world that already seemed as though I had read stories inside it for years. A simple concept and familiar monsters are at the heart of the comic but the real triumph is its new utilization of these ideas and execution of storytelling. Werewolves and witches are old hat but when thrown into the pot that is Kiss Me, Satan they have new life breathed into them and their direction is a wild ride.


    A peak performance from artist Juan Ferrerya strings the invigorating narrative along and his brutal action imagery is an absolute treat. Bullets and claws fly frequently in this first issue and they are captured gloriously by some really killer panels with intense detail and exciting motion style that brings the pages to life like few others. As werewolves dive through the air, cars skid on the road, bullets whiz past skulls and angels run for cover, you get sucked into the mayhem and thrown about like a rag doll. His work is incredible in this series and has turned me into an instant fan. The first piece I had seen from him was the cover to another Dark Horse horror series, Colder, which was one of the most nauseating cover designs I have seen to this day and continues to haunt me. Ferrerya’s work is relentlessly evocative and an achievement worthy of the highest praise.


Kiss Me, Satan starts off with a bang and is relentless from panel to panel. This creative team has cooked up something special with this new Horror tale.

Rob Neil Gruszecki is a writer, musician, podcaster and Wednesday Warrior

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