Mirror Broken #1 CoverStar Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken

Artist: J.K. Woodward
Written By: David and Scott Tipton
Publisher: IDW

The Star Trek mini-series event of the year kicks off! Captain Jean-Luc Picard will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Empire’s newest warship, the ISS Enterprise, be it lies, deception…or murder. With enemies and allies around every corner, Picard’s quest to help the Enterprise and restore the Empire to glory will not be an easy one. Good thing he has a crew onboard who will also stop at nothing to ensure total victory — at any cost.

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it.  He looks like Sean Connery’s head on Hulk Hogan’s body.  Picard is all muscle – such pipes!

Back in the day when Star Trek: The Next Generation (now known as ST:TNG – I cant type that every time) was on the air it was an unproven commodity.  Star Trek hadn’t been on for a long time and they weren’t sure how it would translate.  As a result, the studio and/or producers decided to steer away from stories that were like the original series. This was something they didn’t have an issue with by the time Deep Space Nine was on.  This book is a chance for us to see what that Mirror, Mirror universe might look like in a ST:TNG setting.

The Story

Written by the same writers who did the Mirror, Mirror prequel story a while back – the ideaMirror Mirror example was that someone had gone back in time and adjusted the time stream by giving the Vulcans technology that allows them to become dominant.  Thus from that point on it becomes more of a war-like Empire (instead of Federation).  And the characters in the universe are much more brutish and hostile.  The cool part of this story is it starts with Picard as the captain of the Stargazer (see the first season episode “The Battle”). He’s been told that a new super weapon called Enterprise is available.  He is soon working with known ST:TNG characters LaForge, Barclay and Data to attempt to steal said weapon…  the story works well in the altered universe and should keep ST:TNG fans entertained.


On the other side is the art by J.K. Woodward – previous works are other Star Trek books and Fallen Angel.  The style is the watercolor/brushed style that has been used a lot with IDW and their Star Trek books. I personally like my art to be much more ink defined (like Star Trek: Boldly Go) but this is well done and gets the idea across that the book is working to portray.  (As an aside – anyone who picked up comics from Free Comic Book Day this year had a chance at a preview of this series – so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to those lucky enough to get one of the more than 100,000 copies printed for the event).

It’s a mini-series that should be very popular – as of writing this IDW has already announced a second printing…