X-Men Prime #1

Written by Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak & Cullen Bunn
Drawn by Ken Lashley, Ibraim Roberson, Leonard Kirk, & Gullermo Ortego.

If you’re looking for something fun, entertaining, and slightly nostalgic, X is gonna give it to ya. It is going to be a great year for X-Men fans! Seriously, there are a lot of exciting titles coming out and this book is your sneak peek. Your glimpse into the future of the X-Men, and probably the closest you’ll come to time traveling without long black hair or a techno-organic virus. However, that doesn’t mean this book is a must read or that you’ll have to cradle it close to yourself until you make it to the grave (Ok that was a forced joke, but it wasn’t for you. This one was for my dawgs).

X-Men Prime (written and drawn by a lot of different people, please don’t make me type them all out again) is a set up book, plain and simple. It gives us a taste of what’s to come, but only a tiny taste. I immediately want more and don’t want to wait. It’s like eating only one Lays chip then having the bag taken away, the urge for more is unbearable! However, sooner than later there will be a colossus¬†amount of X-Men titles so the wait will be worth it. Set after the events of Inhumans Vs. X-Men, Prime is laying the groundwork for the upcoming titles. Kitty is back on earth, and brought in by Storm to set the X-Men on a new path. We get to see old faces, new-ish faces, and mutant faces. New groups are forming, new goals are set, and uncertainty and adventure loom on the horizon. I like how this book doesn’t give away too much about what each series will involve, if anything it leaves you guessing and wondering. Which of course is good, because now you’ll have to pick up the next books. I was hoping for a little more Generation X set up because it’s the series I’m the most interested in, but that’s ok. This is more for the first three books- X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, and Weapon X. The Gold set up feels very traditional X-Men, I think it’ll be a fun exciting series that will recapture the feel of the old stuff. I have no idea where Blue is going or what it’ll be like, but it’s definitely intriguing. Weapon X will be your average anti-hero type book. The set up is cool, we get to see lady Death-Strike and it gives us the only non-danger room action in the book. The art is good, there’s more than one style going on so I can’t tell which works best. On some pages the eyes seem weird and kind of far apart, but that’s no big deal. On page 30-31 Jean Grey eyes are so far apart she kinda looks like Anna Farris. The art in the danger room scenes is my favourite, the action pops off the page and the villain cameos are fun. The best drawn character in this book is Jubilee, she got hot! Like dang! I haven’t been this attracted to a cartoon since Jessica Rabbit.

If you want to go into the new X-Men titles with a little knowledge, Prime is a must read. It’s exciting and entertaining enough to keep you engaged, but will definitely leave you wanting more. Until the new titles come out, it’s a good recap and a good way to catch up with some of the characters you might not have read about lately. Whether that’d be weather controllers or yummy mummies, that all depends on what you’ve been reading. So give this a read, get back in touch with your bad mutant self, and decide which titles you’ll be following. Once you do that throw it on your list, and if you’re too X-cited to wait for more X-Men check out Alpha’s back issues. There’s lots of great X-Men titles there, including the one I’m picking up (which I can’t tell you about, because I want to hog them all to myself). Hint: It’s a EXcellent series of the highest of CALIBUR.

-Chad Colpitts (Independant Comic Writer @TiCComics)