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B-Movie Garbage #1 – Digital Download

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Publisher: Tongue In CheeK Comics
Issue: 1
Source: Local Writer
Available Formats: PDF, CBZ (Comic Book Reader Compatible File)
Download Link Expiry After Purchase: 14 Days
Age: Mature


B-Movie Garbage is an anthology series that showcases the deranged, disturbing, and delightful world of B-grade cinema. This first issue is part one of a three part story called EMOS. It tells the age-old story of a demonic plague and fitting in at high school. Part one reveals what we believe and what possible is the origin of the Emo fad. With grotesquely great art by the terrifyingly talented Cam Hayden (Red Flag, Futility), this book is a must read for cult horror fans. Read about these Emos if you dare, but remember . . . They scream for attention! You’ll scream for your life!