Monday, March 30, 2020
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The Streaker #1 – Digital Download

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Publisher: Tongue In CheeK Comics
Source: Local Writer
Available Formats: PDF, CBZ (Comic Book Reader Compatible File)
Download Link Expiry After Purchase: 14 Days
Age: Mature


Are you tired of super heroes always wearing gross tights and tacky capes? Maybe it’s time you read about a hero who wears nothing at all. Meet The Streaker! After being exposed to radiation, a man finds himself with radioactive skin which burns everything he touches. These new powers make it impossible for him to keep the quiet normal life he has grown accustomed to. With no other choice he decides to go to the one place he could possibly fit in… A nudist colony. Will they let him live there? Will they give him a job? Does our hero glow in the dark? And more importantly, what’s a extremist nudist? If you long for the answers to these questions, stop wasting time and start reading.