Review: B Movie Garbage #1

b movie garbage coverReview: B Movie Garbage #1

Written By: Chad Colpitts (The Streaker)
Art by: Cam Hayden (Futility)

“They Scream For Attention! You’ll Scream For Your Life!

B Movie Garbage is a book about a boy that meets a dead guy and the dead guy is really nice and gives him a magical amulet.  And it all ends happily ever after.  Except it doesn’t.  And the boy is an emo kid with issues.  And the dead guy is a dick.  And there are some really interesting interactions with a skull…

Local Calgary writer Chad Colpitts and artist Cam Hayden bring it with this brand new collaboration.  Reminiscent of an early 90’s Beavis and Butthead style – B Movie keeps the action going through gross-out jokes and bloody carnage.  Always a winning combination.

To be clear: this is for mature audiences only.  If your youngster picks this up there will be some awkward explaining to do.  Just warning you.  As an aside – when I saw the cover it evoked memories of those original garbage pail kids cards/stickers from back in the day.  The content is definitely in that vein as well.

This book is well written – I didn’t have any major lulls in attention and b movie examplethe art is really quirky and really fits the content of the story really well.  If I were to compare this against a recent popular book: I Hate Fairyland would be very close in tone to this book.  If you like that book – take a chance on some local talent and pick up this book.  Chad’s previous books The Streaker (and Cam’s Futility) are still available – so if you like B Movie – pick up other local books and support local talent!









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