Bullseye 1

Bullseye #1

Written by Ed Brisson / Drawn by Guillermo Sanna

This week sees the release of a new series featuring a classic Daredevil foil with a penchant for projectiles! One of several villain centric titles in the post-Civil War II era of Marvel NOW!, Bullseye #1 shines a spotlight on the titular assassin, as he resurfaces to satiate his propensity for mayhem.

bullseye 1 cover

Ed Brisson pens a straight forward tale here, kicking off with Bullseye taking out an FBI informant in hiding. This is easily my favourite sequence, with artist Guillermo Sanna’s work lending a ferocity that really communicates the menace of a predator stalking its prey. The rest dedicates itself to setting the stage for Bullseye’s next job—a showdown that will set sadist against sadist. There is a dark tone throughout, although the purposeful use of panel-layout and colour keeps the experience from becoming too uniform. This issue also comes with a second, self-contained story by award winning writer and Bullseye creator: Marv Wolfman. It’s entertaining if not a little inconsequential, unless the main tale doesn’t have enough headshots for you.

Both creative teams relish in Bullseye’s homicidal proclivities—on and off the job—which might be more than some are willing to stomach. Regardless, Bullseye #1 is a soundly executed comic, with a “Parental Advisory” disclaimer on the cover that is well justified. -Keli

bullseye 1 preview