Bully Wars CoverBully Wars #1

Writer: Skottie Young
Artist / Cover: Aaron Conley
Publisher: Image
Type: Ongoing

From The Publisher: “I HATE FAIRYLAND and Deadpool writer SKOTTIE YOUNG and artist AARON CONLEY (Sabertooth Swordsman, Rocket Raccoon & Groot) team up for a hilarious all-new, all-ages ONGOING SERIES! Rufus, the biggest bully in Rottenville since kindergarten, suddenly goes from bully to bullied on the first day of high school. He’s forced to make a shaky pact with his favorite geeks: Spencer and his twin sibling besties, Edith and Ernie. Together they’ll have to find a way to survive the Hunger Games-like contest known simply as the BULLY WARS—where the winner will rule the school!”

We’ve been without I HATE FAIRYLAND now for a month or so.   Then Deadpool was relaunched and I felt like I got a decent dose of Skottie Young.  But nothing really filled the deranged hole in my heart that was Fairyland.  Does this do it?

Yes and no.  This does indeed bring back the Skottie humor (and his Fairyland cohort Francois Beaulieu does the colors for this book).  While it’s not as, well, broken as Fairyland, Bully Wars goes a more common route.  Common as in a good portion of people can relate.  Even though the art isn’t Skottie-centric (covers exempt), Aaron Conley does a great job of portraying the vibrant style that made Fairyland a hit.

Does It Really Matter?

The funny part is: this doesn’t really fit the void.  Yet.  I feel that Bully might be a little bit of a slow burn.  Kind of John Hughes style if we write comic books instead of movies.  Believe it or not, The Breakfast Club was fairly demented for its time.  Bully Wars has tinges of that style in its first book.  That leaves me wanting to know where this goes.

Side note?  Google Bully Wars – you get a few results for the comic.  And then you get a ton of Trump results.  A coincidence?  I think not.  The funniest stuff has its fingers on the pulse of current news.  Is that an issue for you?  Probably not.  Just get it – and there are several covers available to pick from.  Get as demented as your inner Hughes will allow.