Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art and Cover A Art by R. B. Silva 
Published by Marvel
Type: Mini-Series (6 Issues)

From The Publisher: “FEAR THE FUTURE! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (INFINITY, NEW AVENGERS, FF) continues his revolutionary new direction for the X-Men. Intertwining with HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X reveals the secret past, present, and future of mutant-kind, changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after. You do not want to miss the next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men!”

The prequel to the upcoming X-Men books, House of X and Powers of X, is an interesting bag for me. It kind of reminds me of a twenty-year-old Madonna lyric: “Nothing Takes The Past Away, Like The Future, Nothing Makes The Darkness Go, Like the Light.” The House book was more about introducing the concept of mutants taking back their independence. Powers of X is more about the past, present, and future of the existence of mutants.

The book takes place in four timeframes: now, ten years later, the future and the far future. You learn that many incredibly dramatic events have happened in the future. The mutants history is wrought by evil and the benevolence. To be fair, as it is with House, this isn’t the entire picture and shouldn’t be expected to be. It does fill in some of the holes presented in House, but there’s clearly more to know.

No Complaints Here

Much the same way as House, I enjoyed all of Hickman’s process here. The explanation pages are welcomed, and the dense wording in the comics itself are well done and natural. The art by Silva conveys the story well and flows well with vivid coloring.

These books really are a no-brainer for those who read X-Men. This is your event leading up to the new X-Men book coming up this fall. For those like me who don’t read X-Men regularly, if you are going to jump in – the water is a little deep but certainly manageable. Come on in!