Rocket 1

Rocket #1

Written by Al Ewing / Drawn by Adam Gorham

Nipping at heels of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s release, Rocket #1 drops this week to bring us more of our favourite anthropomorphic racoon slinging a pulse-rifle while slanging interstellar-expletives!

Rocket 1 cover

Taking a break from guarding the galaxy to drown his sorrows in “Gargle Blasters”, a wayward Rocket Racoon is approached by ex-flame (and fellow critter) Otta Spice. Rocket is wise to her double-crossing ways, but he’s also a sucker for a dame with long whiskers (I assume) and she needs his expertise to pull off one last job.

With Rocket #1, Al Ewing brings us a heist story in the vein of an Ocean’s 11 caper, with narration that reads like a hardboiled crime novel. Ewing goes for broke here, spinning an outlandish tale with dry wit and a whole lotta moxie. I particularly liked the team’s encounter with a security system A.I. copping a South London accent. Innit bruv? Adam Gorham’s art is consistently well done throughout; although, and at no fault of his own, panel layout is often compromised to accommodate a gap in the margins reserved for the narrator’s prose. A palette of primary colors is lathered on by Michael Garland, creating a look that this comic-reviewer can only describe as, well, colorful!

Rocket #1 is a lighthearted read, and will work well if you’re looking to cleanse your palette from the heavier fare in your weekly pull list. If you’ve been reading Secret Empire then you know what the flark I’m talking about. Pick it up! -Keli

Rocket 1 preview