X-0 Manowar 1

X-0 Manowar #1

Written by Matt Kindt / Drawn by Tomas Giorello

Valiant drops the first issue in a new volume of its acclaimed X-0 Manowar series this week, and it lands with a bang! Aric of Dacia has settled into an agrarian life of peace, with a hot, purple lady-friend to share his bed. That—unfortunately for Aric—lasts all of a few page turns as the ‘drums of war’ can be heard throughout the land, pulling our one-armed protagonist unwillingly into the fray.

X-0 Manowar 1 cover

Matt Kindt is on writing duties, and although not as exposition heavy as his other premier issue this month (Grass Kings), it doesn’t need to be. This is the kind of operatic-space-fantasy that fans of the genre are all too familiar with. I don’t take issue with this issue not trying to carve out a slice of originality for itself; its archetypal nature works for a reason. My only gripe is that things don’t get enough room to breathe. I would have preferred the story to span a couple books for a better sense of Aric’s state of mind, his alien home, and to flesh out the background of its warring factions.

That complaint is trivial once you factor in the art. Tomas Giorello and Diego Rodriguez deliver a truly beautiful comic to look at. As a fan of composition and panel layout, Giorello scores big. When the blood and mayhem starts you will be pleased your eye isn’t one of the casualties. If the splash-page featured in this review doesn’t convince, I can’t help ya. -Keli

X-0 Manowar 1 preview

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