X-Men Gold #1

Written by Marc Guggenheim (great last name)
Drawn by Ardian Syaf.

If you’re looking to dig up something that’s a little bit nostalgic and a lot of fun, X marks the spot. I promise to have zero DMX jokes in this review. I hope that doesn’t send you into the great depression (sorry, I guess promises mean nothing to me). Anyway, X-Men Gold is . . . well . . . pure X-Men gold. It bring us a team full of A-List X-Men, along with the fun, action, and drama that has always been a staple in X-Men books. This book  has the feel of the old stuff and brings back the conflicts that have always been present in this series. However, it still presents itself in a fresh exciting way that keeps you interested and wanting more.

X-Men Gold is written by Marc Guggenheim (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and drawn by Ardian Syaf (Peter Cannon: Thunderbolts) as well as inked by Jay Leisten and coloured by Frank Martin. In this book Kitty Pride is leading a team of X-Men in the hopes to form a positive image of mutants in the public’s eye and to take the group back to their heroic roots. Can she and her team minimize the growing hatred towards mutant-kind, and can she keep her team of emotionally worn down X-Men together? I’m sure Guggenheim knows, but we have to wait to find out. First things first. This is what I want from a X-Men book. Back to the basics, but still new and still engaging. It starts off with good old team action, which is exciting and fast paced. Kitty really shows off her leadership skills and uses her team to their true potential. Plus since it’s Kitty, the members all listen and follow orders without complaining. This results in them actually getting sh**t done effectively and with a little bit of style. These scenes were a fantastic look at what X-Men is all about- outcasts in a human world that doesn’t accept them, using their gifts to protect it anyway. After that we’re given hints and set ups of possible conflicts both personal and public, then it finishes off with a meet-the-bad-guys cliffhanger. Classic! Obviously I approve of the writing, but the art is right on par. The action is depicted with blockbuster style, and the facial expressions seem satisfactory. The colouring looks great, all the characters look good, and nothing disappoints. Also, Kitty looks super bad @$$ with short hair! She kind of looks like she could be Bruce Willis’s daughter, but not as ugly as his actual daughter. Side note: If you didn’t realize this yet, her powers are wicked useful! Don’t ever dis her in front of me. If you do, I will punch you in the face and it won’t phase through (and it won’t hurt because I’m a weakling).

If you are an X-Men fan you must read this book. If you’re not, read this book and you will be. It’s an exciting ride, with a great ensemble team, and is sure to be an entertaining series. If you know nothing about X-Men, your in luck, because the last 6 pages provide a thorough-ish recap. It gives you backstories on the members of this team. It ruined Excalibur stuff for me, but is perfect for those in need of a catch up. Check out this tittle and the other promising X-Men tittles coming out in the up coming months, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

P.S. To whom it may concern. These X-Men tittles have brought back the corner box, which I am very excited about! They look super cool and helps one reminisce about the comics of old.

– Chad Colpitts (Independant Comic Writer @TiCComics)