Ryan Ferrier Signing at Alpha Comics Saturday, March 9th.


You loved Tiger Lawyer now check out Ryan Ferrier’s awesome comic The Brothers James. You can preview the comic at readchallenger.com. Ryan Ferrier will be at Alpha Comics on Saturday, March 9th from noon until 3pm. Don’t miss out on meeting this explosive local writer!

THE BROTHERS JAMES follows two orphans, identical twins Jack and John James, on a road trip of revenge throughout the southern United States. Their mission: hunt down and kill every member of the now-defunct motorcycle gang that viciously murdered their parents fifteen years earlier.

Death isn’t all that’s in store however, as the brothers flee a suspecting sheriff with ties to the young killers, and uncover secrets about their parents that threaten to dismantle their mission and their brotherhood.

Throughout their southern tour of destruction – filled with muscle cars and rock and roll -the James brothers face off against violent gangs, a ruthless sheriff, and even prison itself as they leave a trail of mayhem in their wake.

Revenge is a dish best served hot as asphalt, and for the members of the long retired Lucky Devils motorcycle gang, their order is up…