Samurai Jack #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki


    Stranded in time, a lone warrior and hero searches for an ancient relic known as the rope of eons to bring him back home and rid the future of the demonic presence known as Aku. Battling the likes of robots with rudely placed machine guns, cacti with projectile needles, club wielding goblins, stabby head-spiked armour clad monsters, and punching amazons, the one known only as Jack, armed with a sword, robes and one serious ponytail fights for his own life and the lives of many back home.

    Starting off with a bang and keeping a brisk pace throughout the whole first issue, the new Samurai Jack ongoing at IDW is an excellent continuation of the Cartoon Network classic. Featuring the same light, fun tone, the comic delivers the humour and feel of the zany television series. Outrageous monsters and magic users litter the pages of Samurai Jack the comic and throw you back into a familiar world of all-ages mayhem and action.


    Scripted by The Skullkickers’ scribe Jim Zub, Jack finds himself in safe and adept hands as he traverses deserts, dungeons and dens on his hero’s quest. Zub’s wit and hilarious imagination is put to good use with this crazy plot and opportunity to invent some really cool enemies for the chiseled jaw of Jack to growl at. Zub has always been a creator in comics that produces immensely enjoyable comics and he is an excellent choice to be the new chronicler in the ongoing adventures of the brash and unstoppable time-travelling samurai.


    Working on the art of the book is animator Andy Suriano whose work in the past includes Star Wars: Clone Wars, Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Oddparents and of course the original cartoon Samurai Jack. His familiar style and character designs in the comic are the same quality you would come to expect from someone with so much experience already from the series and excels in the pages of this first issue. The foes of Jack including Clari, The Significant Fist and Dreezun the spider guard of the first thread of time are a joy to look at and the formula continues to shine.


    Definitely a series worth checking out for any fan of the cartoon and also for anyone else simply interested in a blast of a comic with action, humour and an insane cast.

Rob Neil Gruszecki is a writer, musician, podcaster and Wednesday Warrior

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