She-Hulk #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

The complexity in humanity is vibrant and diverse. All people are defined by a myriad different aspects and shaped by an ocean of opinions, sensory stimulation, weaknesses, interests, proclivities and environments. Human being’s individually unique nature is ironically one of the few things we all share.

No one is only one thing.

As Jessica Walters, doneing her blouse and skirt, strolls through the law offices of Paine & Luckberg she does so with a resume of Avengers and Fantastic Four memberships, super-human strength, breathtaking beauty, the alcohol tolerance of a Norse God and billionaire tech-genius and a position as a valuable attorney with nearly 3000 billable hours in the past year alone. All trades set before this gamma-irradiated, sensational woman are mastered and equal parts that build her into a fascinating hero in the Marvel Universe. One whose strengths and pride will soon bring her to a local bar tipping back shot after shot while a woman pleads for her assistance, pro-bono. Robot battles, rigorous litigation and a new start lays before the She-Hulk and her vast skill set will be explored in a fresh, light-hearted and comedic story of a super-hero with just as much intimidating brains as she has brawn.

This All-New Marvel Now volume of the She-Hulk takes a Hawkeye like approach to a classic but typically second-string character, focusing on the everyday life of the super-hero instead of the action packed, cosmic adventure stories we’re used to. Charles Soule (Letter 44, Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Inhuman) and Javier Pulido (Hawkeye, Human Target) come together to create a memorable, unique, funny and different comic that is like a breath of fresh air to book shelves. She-Hulk will be another series that will please anyone searching for something new out of their Wednesdays. Celebrating everything we love about super-hero comics while simultaneously doing something unconventional with them, Soule and Pulido harness dry wit and cerebral comedy to produce a new flavour of comic unlike many others in the big 2 universes.

Charles Soule, whose incredible time management allows him the ability to pen 7 different ongoing titles and still maintain a career as an attorney, produces one of my favorite new series of the Marvel Now run and writes that “ninety percent of lawyering is conversations” which is definitely true in the life of Jessica Walters. Carrying the story is a heavy word count as She-Hulk battles in and out of court with her ever sharp tongue-sword. In fact, the only real bit of action is a robot fight that is actually only suggested and not even shown, which I found hilarious and the perfect delivery for this book. She-Hulk is a title that relies on clever, captivating dialogue and storytelling, instead of revealing and tired fanservice and Soule’s script is a great start for a quality and refreshing title in the Marvel Now Line.

Javier Pulido is the perfect choice to pencil a book of this nature and his work is spectacular within the first issue. Clever panel layouts, endearing, emotive character designs, and slick style, Pulido creates a respectable, commanding and strong heroine that after one issue is already one of my favorite interpretations of the character. His presence on the book is as smooth a fit as David Aja or Annie Wu on Hawkeye or Marcos Martin on Private Eye and hopefully his popularity will skyrocket with this title as his talent is one that should be heralded among some of the best.

The new She-Hulk is a subtle and sharp new series that matches its powerful, smart dialogue with its beautiful visuals. Charles Soule and Javier Pulido are yet another pairing in the Marvel Now camp that I hope to stick around for many months to come.

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