Shutter #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

Kate Kristopher runs across the surface of the moon, calling out to her father and eventually yanking on his arm, impatient and petulant. It is Kate’s Seventh birthday and as she she stares out at the Earth, clutching her father’s hand, her perspective begins to shift and she is gifted the multitude of worlds at her disposal. Twenty years later, this spirit of adventure, opportunity and exploration has faded however predictability and stasis are not aspects of Kate’s existence that will commandeer her path through the endless and random realities of life.

From Joe Keatinge (Glory, Hell Yeah) and Leila Del Duca (The Pantheon Project, Deadskins) comes a new ongoing series housed at Image, Shutter. An adventure story that throws all amounts of the outrageous and fantastical into New York City and follows a young photographer as she tries to leave behind her old life of dimension hopping discovery. Erupting into madness quite quickly, Shutter is an absolute blast to read through and Kate Kristopher is a perfect guide through this magnificent new world.

Joe Keatinge balances aspects of beautifully sentimental family drama and insane science-fiction imagination into the pages of Shutter with this first issue. With an expansive and wild amalgam of alien life inhabiting Earth, the playground that he writes Kate into is a joy to behold. Probably the best aspect of Shutter is Kate Kristopher herself as her development from the first few pages is exemplary. Empathy, interest and affection for Kate are immediately established and her journey is one that you will be hooked to.

Shutter’s visual direction is stunning with an eclectic explosion of alien life that brightly bursts off the page and blossoms into a fully-realized new Earth where cosmic diversity is standard. Leila Del Duca, whose work I was first introduced to with this issue, shouts her talent proudly and powerfully within the pages of Shutter. Her capturing of Kate Kristopher is stellar, as though we have known this character forever. Adeptly drifting from memory into present time, shifting styles slightly, her pencils have a brilliant continuity and exciting flare.

Shutter is a powerful new number one from Image and with loads of extra content including a page of Tiger Lawyer from Alpha Comic’s favorite Ryan Ferrier, You can’t go wrong. Subscribe and jump into a crazy world with Kate Kristopher as your guide.

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