The new age of heroes continues, and trust me when I say this is something you shouldn’t be sidestepping. DC is giving us fresh new exciting characters and unique stories that are sidewaysmore than worth your time and money. The newest addition is Sideways- just your average everyday teenager minus the fact that he can open up and travel through dimensional rifts. It’s a pretty wicked power which brings about endless possibilities, but of course since it’s in the hands of a teenager you can bet $h!t will quickly go sideways.

Welcome To The Fun Side

Sideways is a very fun book. It’s full of humour, loveable characters, and eye popping landscapes. I can’t wait to see the trouble and adventures this character gets into. Right off the bat he has already ran afoul of some sort of dimensional law enforcer. However in his defence, it’s pretty easy to break laws you didn’t know existed.

This first issue is mainly set up. It introduces characters like Sideways and his alter ego Derek James (obviously), and his bizarre best friend Ernie. She’s a intriguing character, I hope she plays an important role in the story beyond being a sidekick to Sideways. Fingers crossed that she gets mutated or something. This book also gives us the obligatory origin, as well as his unique public debut. The only thing that really bugged me, was that the ending of this books was already revealed in the sneak peeks. I found this annoying, but I’m mainly just bummed that I have to wait even longer to see what happens next.  

Riders Of The Rift

The writing in this book is witty and inventive. The dialogue is funny and well-paced, and the story flows nicely without lagging or being confusing. I think the legendary Dan DiDio (O.M.A.C New 52) and Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) have some exciting stuff planned for this dimension tripping teen. I thinking the vibe will be reminiscent of Fantastic Four, with the wit and sarcasm usually found in Spider-Man books. The characters these two are creating are the kind that one can easily become invested in. It’ll be great to see how they interact with the bizarre worlds and equally bizarre beings which will be shoved into their acme filled faces.

The art by Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws) is super stellar! The beings from other dimensions look fantastically weird and beautifully bizarre. The fold out cover looks amazing and the art makes a guy beyond excited for what is yet to come. That orange creature thing is very cool. I would love a domesticated version to walk around the neighbourhood, however I’d be scared to see the size of it’s droppings. I think you’d definitely need a bread bag. The detail Rocafort puts into his artwork is commendable. The shading he uses brings depth to his characters facial expressions, and the cityscape he shows us in the final pages is unreal. I can’t wait to see how he’ll depict the cities and worlds from different dimensions.

Swipe Right

If up until this point the word sideways instantly made you think about Paul Giamatti taking a dump, then you are in luck. This comic will change that. Sideways is a promising book full of potential. It gives us a new character with a cool ability, which will take us to even cooler places. Sideways is an entertaining hero, and the supporting cast is charming and equally engaging. Give this title a chance and I promise you won’t feel side swiped.