Silver Surfer #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

Staring out at the night sky, Eve and Dawn wish upon a falling star. Eve imagines seeing all the wonder in the world, exploring the far reaches of the planet and stretching out far beyond her home of anchor bay while Dawn simply wishes for the falling star to continue on forever, blessing all with its majesty and being able to travel space for all time.

Twelve years later that same falling star surfs through the infinite only now it tries to atone for its sins perpetrated while it was the herald of the world eater, Galactus. Looking for no glory or worship, Norrin Radd, flies through the vacuum of space as the Silver Surfer and encounters impossible cities, rekindles suns, battles gatekeepers of invisible dimension pockets and even becomes the new champion of a doomed celestial race in danger of being conquered by the formidable Never Queen.

The stories of Dawn and Radd are mysteriously tethered together and they will journey through space and time, explore the cosmos and share adventures of epic proportions in the All-New Marvel Now series Silver Surfer.

Dan Slott (Spider-Man, She-Hulk) is joined by Michael and Laura Allred (FF, Madman, iZombie) to apparently make a comic book just for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. Cosmic Jack Kirby style, space exploration and adventure, insane and imaginative worlds pieced together by incredibly intricate architecture and a celestial being zooming through the infinite universe? This is the kind of Marvel book I love and the new Silver Surfer #1 hits all the right notes combining a perfect team with a fun, sincere and ludacris platform for sci-fi imagination.

Pages of this first issue are practically channelling the energy of Jack Kirby through Allred’s pencils. He presents a brilliant homage to Kirby’s work and simultaneously harnesses it to firmly put his own creative stamp on it. Michael Allred’s pencils along with Laura Allred’s colours paint lavish and glorious alien worlds over and over again each panel to produce one of the finest looking comics in years. Together they really make the perfect art team to be on board a Silver Surfer space romp.

Dan Slott’s imagination is unleashed in this new series that he was born to write. Funny, heartwarming, sincere, and an absolute blast to read, Silver Surfer is the herald of all of Slott’s strengths as a writer and I am so excited to see him continue to stretch his muscles in the endless possibilities and limitless nature of this series.

Silver Surfer was the title I have been drooling over since its announcement and I am so glad to say that it delivered fully for me making it my favorite number one of the Marvel Now Line and of 2014 so far. I could continue to gush over it but instead I’ll just reread it and leave you with a recommendation that you pick it up the second you are given the opportunity.

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