Spider-Gwen CoverWriter: Seanan Mcguire
Penciler: Rosi Kampe
Publisher: Marvel
Type: Ongoing

From The Publisher: A SPIDER-GEDDON TIE-IN! What? You thought we were done with Gwen Stacy after the first two landmark volumes of her series?! GET OUTTA HERE. It’s a whole new spin on Gwen and her world of Earth-65, brought to you by none other than SEANAN MCGUIRE & ROSI KÄMPE! We pick up with Gwen right where we left her – fighting crime through her home reality, unaware that it sits on the precipice of interdimensional calamity! Someone’s gonna be late to band practice…

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The Ghost Spider byline seems a little out of left field here. At the San Diego comic-con, Marvel was asked during the Marvel Rising panel why the change.  Marvel Animation Exec Cort Lane said, “Well, if she was going out and about as Spider-Gwen it would blow her cover,” Lane said. “So we all got together with our writers and creative team and took her skills and ability and how she goes around in secret.”  This is about the most clarity you will get from Marvel as to why they do anything. For that reason, we’ll roll with it.  And the new name might construe this as the first comic appearance of Ghost Spider.

First of all, Gwen is fifty-two days out of prison and trying to get her bearings as a superhero again.  MJ and her friends are working hard to acclimate her.  Harry Osborne is keeping her from dying of hunger.  And then there’s Spider-Ham.  If this is not already a recipe for disaster,  Spider-Gwen is transported to another universe.  As a result, she’s alone and it appears that she has to figure out how to get home.

Mission Improbable: Ghost Spider

Other than an appearance by none other than Norma Osborne (not seen since Ultimate Spider-man: Spiderverse), it’s all pretty formulaic to get this ball rolling.   And there’s no reason for the name change yet.  If it wasn’t for Mr. Lane at comic con – I’d be sitting here reading the book, confused, slowly curling up into the fetal position.  Ok, maybe it’s not that bad.  SO DRAMATIC.

The writing and art are well implemented here.  However, not many readers will know the creative team is for this book.  Seanan Mcguire is a Hugo nominated author that has written three books total (this one and 2 X-Men books).  Rosi Kampe is also fairly new to the Marvel world with X-Men and a Civil War II background.   Therefore I’ll give them some latitude when it comes to their first books.   If you were on board with the previous run, this will feel like much the same ride for the moment.  Certainly, Ghost Spider has potential without the restrictions of the current Amazing Spider-man universe.